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Bama vs Auburn Iron Bowl go on record

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  • I like good rivalry as good as the next guy, but things are getting out of hand in this one.

    SEC East Ga vs FLA is better than any western Georgia ( ) pseudo rivalry between an elephant and a bird-cat.

    I still remember the refrain of one of the most popular barrack ballads of that day which proclaimed most proudly that "old soldiers never die; they just fade away."
    And like the old soldier of that ballad, I now close my military career and just fade away, an old soldier who tried to do his duty as God gave him the light to see that duty.

    Gen. Douglas MacArthur


    • OK..hopefully this is my last post on the IB (got to re-focus on Mizzou).. I've been a part of this game for 60 yrs...if you didn't grow up in Alabama.. it's really hard to understand what it is like.. You have to "pick-a-side" at birth and deal with the consequences for 365 days. Most fans in the state are bama fans... Here is a great video showing the last few seconds of the game and fan reaction. Hope I do this link right?

      War Eagle.. Roll Tide... Go Dawgs... (and cheers to all the other teams as well..Football is AWESOME!!!)



      • Originally posted by Remoh View Post
        If Nick Saban looses the Iron Bowl this year, that is what he will be remembered for. That's why Terri Saban has been looking for houses in Texas. The reason Nick Saban was hired to coach Alabama is because Auburn beat Bama 6 years in a row, if you remember Bama fired Shuler in a surprise. Bama is going to choke. Their strength of schedule is not as strong as Auburn's.
        The chatter about Sabin going to Texas is back in the news. The news says he's going. I hope Texas is on Auburn's Schedule next year


        • Hopefully Homer is watching the Iron Bowl somewhere.
          If this were rocket science most of us wouldn't be doing it. - Terry Creech


          • Wher4e ever he may be, I know he's dining on shrimp, mudbugs and beer!

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            • I miss the crazy bastard too!
              Message sent from your mom's bedroom during pillow talk

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              • Originally posted by Buck Henry View Post
                I miss the crazy bastard too!
                I was thinking about him tonight as well. He was as much an Auburn fan as me.. (one of his parents was a cheerleading at Auburn). I hope life is being good to him... My wife and daughter went to the game. (I stayed home so I could watch on the big screen and drink, eat wings, and be near bathroom and such). If you went to the Georgia game.. this was that plus even more intensity.. Looking forward to the championship in Atlanta next week. Whatever happens next... I am happy tonight..


                • Well I hope heaven is being good for him. But knowing Bern hes probably baking bread and swapping fish stories with Peter.

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                  "What's his offense?"
                  "Groping for trouts in a peculiar river."
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                  • For those that missed it, (remoh) Homer passed away Dec 2, 2016.


                    • Bern (Remoh) certainly was a "Barner". Loved his Auburn teams. As a matter of fact he loved just about everybody. I never heard him say a harsh word about anyone - even those who I later learned had hurt him deeply.

                      I had forgotten about this thread until Bill brought it back. That might explain the almost inaudible "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar Eagle!" that I thought I heard in the whispering wind.

                      Maybe we ought to make a point to resurrect this thread each year for the Iron Bowl and have a fifth of scotch setting by in Remoh's memory.
                      If you have difficulty understanding the post above, read it out loud and it should make sense. This NGTO member is known for his poor hill-billy upbringing and his affinity for all things from Louisiana (particularly if it relates to LSU). It makes for a poor mix of accents and much difficulty in translation. He was doing well for so long, but now seems to have regressed.


                      • Originally posted by The Ole Man View Post
                        For those that missed it, (remoh) Homer passed away Dec 2, 2016.
                        WOW! I did not know that. Thank you for the information. I am sure he is happy now and enjoying seeing his daughters again...