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Fishbreath looking for a job! (Fish photo in here as well)

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  • Fishbreath looking for a job! (Fish photo in here as well)

    Hi all,

    Figured I'd reach out on here. I'm on the hunt in the job market again and figured this could get some views on here as well. Background is logistics, supply chain, ops management etc. If you wouldn't mind, keep a weather eye out and shoot me a PM if you know anything! I've got a couple good prospects in the next week or so but want to just keep it moving forward just in case. I hope you guys have been well and have a great Thanksgiving! Send me a PM if you want any pertinent fishing info as well (nice being able to fish some for a change despite the circumstances)


    Landon (AKA Fishbreath)
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    U.S. Army has a job for you.
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      UPS & FedEx are probably hiring on seasonal people right now. I know a couple people that started as seasonal which turned into full time positions.
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        Charleston S.C. has a ton of Logistic jobs .Feel free to come stay & look around
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          Heard amazon is hiring and paying well. Gook luck.
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            Pratt-Whitney has some openings in Columbus...


            ...I hear they have great benefits...and if you have to take something that might not be what you exactly were looking for, if you perform well, you can jump upward...just sayin'