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Thank you Matt Lauer, et al - another Christmas tradition bites the dust

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    Originally posted by UncleJesse View Post
    Ever hear of the theory of de-evolution. Mankind moving backward as the globe continues to spin. Look and some of the works of the ancients without the use of power tools, computers, modern power. Makes you think. Original thought, without a reference or Google.

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      No offense ladies, but if you're not in my immediate family I ain't touching.
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      "Good things come to those who wade." John 6:37


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        Originally posted by terry creech View Post
        No offense ladies, but if you're not in my immediate family I ain't touching.
        Great advise! Just live by the golden rule.. or to paraphrase.. don't do stuff to others you wouldn't want others to do to your female family.


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          I totally agree with the concept of being innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, in today's world where "sound bites" dominate our press coverage and no objectivity is applied.

          I believe there are two sides to every story, and the truth is normally somewhere in between the two.

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            One More

            Heard on NPR this morning that a writer for New Yorker magazine has been fired for sexual misconduct. They will not reveal the name of the accuser to respect her privacy.

            THAT is just plain WRONG!