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Torn Biceps Tendon

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  • Torn Biceps Tendon

    Having surgery tomorrow morning to repair a torn biceps tendon in my casting (right) arm. You who might be so inclined, please pray for my wife as I will be on the shelf for awhile and unable to fish. And, while you're at it and if you have the time, ask for strength for me as well. Gonna be a long recovery.

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    Got you covered!
    I have a coworker who had a torn muscle in his bicep....painful. No surgery but right arm was basically useless for almost a month. Still weak on that side.

    Praying for you and family!

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      ...have connection...will pray...




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        In my and my family thoughts.
        When I was competing, I completely tore my distal biceps tendon in my writing, now casting, left hand.
        It's fully recovered and stronger than before, so you'll have that to look forward to.
        Best wishes for speedy recovery

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          I ripped mine about 10 years ago. Waited to long to have it check out as there is only a window of time to make the repair from what I was told.
          Mine was torn at the bottom of the muscle. I have heard it is a worse situation to be torn from the top. The arm works fine, a bit weak, and can no longer make a bicep muscle in that arm
          It's still a bit painful when lifting but nothing I can't live with.
          When pulling and using the arms it is important to keep a bend not pulling with a straight arm, that is the mistake I made. I actually heard it pop it bunched up at the top of my arm, very strange looking, hurt like heck .
          Obviously I'm pretty hard headed. I had a doctor friend coming into town thought I'd wait a bit and see what he had to say save a buck or two, bad idea as it turned out. Just glad it's my left.
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            Praying for a speedy recovery! Lean on the Lord for strength, you'll find Him faithful.
            God bless you & your family,


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              Doing extremely well following the surgery. Very little pain at all since last Friday. Things appear to be going along smoothly. To those who intervened for me, I thank you. It has worked!