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  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to y'all.
    Thanks to all those that lent me a helping hand in learning to be a little better at flyfishing over the last year. Still hours a long way to go and I'm eager to learn. Greatly appreciate all the expertise, advice, sarcasm, humor, and camaraderie.

    When I was a kid my mom would ALWAYS make me tell her a new Year's resolution, which usually amounted to "do better in school" (i was always a horrible student). So, in the honor of tradition I asked Spencer this morning what his new Year's resolution was:

    "To catch a monster brown trout like that lady did!" He's talking about Barb/river thru Atlanta recent catch, 29.75" buck nasty brown! In the spirit of that, he used his new (nicer than my own) fly tying station to tie up what he has named
    "The Morning Chubb " after the Uga football player, but I hope you see the humor here... Kids say the darnedest things.
    Here it is....

    Enjoy the new years eve! Don't do anything I wouldn't (the list is short)

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    In a few years he’ll finally understand why you snicker every time he says he wants to tie on a morning Chubb. 😂

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      Likewise all!
      sigpicAKA oldandtreacherous
      "Good things come to those who wade." John 6:37


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        Jeremiah 29:11
        11 "For I know the plans I have for you—says the Lord—plans to prosper you, not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

        My New Years wish for you my friends. God Bless You All!!

        Happy New Year!

        Exodus 29:18
        Then burn the entire ram on the altar. It is a burnt offering to the LORD, a pleasing aroma, a food offering presented to the LORD. God loves BBQ!