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snow in Columbus

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  • snow in Columbus's been snowing here since midnight last...about 1 1/2 " but it probably won't stay long after it tomorrow, I expect we'll be cleared up and cold...



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    Dewy Rose checking in.
    About one inch of snow on the grass and vehicles.
    Temperature 29* and steady
    Come on sunshine!

    Left work around 10:00, about 2" in Royston
    About the same in Dewy Rose, Temp dropping, now 28*
    Sunshine, cold
    Come on Spring!
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      NE Gwinnett got around 1"; 18 deg. at 8 a.m. Only 2 months and 4 days to the official start of Spring, but who is counting.
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        Larrytown checking in. I tried getting out to work on the other side of town in Hiram this morning around 5:00AM. Even in a 4WD Hummer it was a bit of an ordeal. Typically, when it snows here, it's a wet snow. This one is a true Yankee snow that a person can't even make a good snowball with. The streets are slick and brakes will do you no good.

        I'll be glad to take the day off and make it up on Saturday. Better to trade out a day on the weekend than to wind up a statistic.

        Y'all stay warm and safe today!
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          A solid 2 inches here in north Cobb.
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            I love to remember days like this in July and August when everyone is whining about the heat. Reinforces the wisdom of spending most of my life south of the southern boundary of the Volunteer state. I did live about 2 miles north of it for 3 years.
            Want to hear God laugh? Tell Him your plans.