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  • Tax question...?

    We received a judgement check from a class action suit I knew nothing about until I got the check. It was something about some subsidiary of our lender having misreported earnings and charging too much interest...gobbledy -gook wording in the explanation...

    ...anyhow, I cannot find in the 1040 instructions how to deal with this...???



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    I'm not a tax accountant, but as best as I can remember, proceeds from lawsuits are similar to insurance payments, non-taxable.


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      Tax question...?

      Well, yes they can be.

      You should (in theory) receive a 1099 Misc with Box 3 checked.


      How do I report a settlement from a class action lawsuit in Turbotax?

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        Yes you should receive a 1099. I got a judgement last year from a class action lawsuit and got a 1099 for it. I liked getting the check but didn't like it as much when tax time rolled around.
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          If my memory serves me well, if the amount is a relatively small amount, i.e., a few hundred dollars, the check writer is not required to provide a 1099. You are probably still responsible for reporting it, unless it was the loss of property, etc.,

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