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How to post images on NGTO

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  • How to post images on NGTO

    (Courtesy of Gatorbyte)

    This gets asked all the time, so maybe this will help. I use photobucket, but there are other image hosting sites that work just fine.

    Posting Pictures using Photobucket

    1. Create an account at
    2. Once account is created set the options for size of photo to 640 x 480. That way the pictures will be the right size for message boards.
    3. Using the bulk loader or choose files method, upload photos to your Photobucket album.
    4. Once you have uploaded the photos, you can then paste in the "Direct Link" from photobucket into your post in NGTO. The "Direct Link" is the 2nd selection .
    5. In your NGTO post click on the Insert Image Icon and then paste the "Direct Link" URL from PhotoBucket into the box that opens up.

    When you click to open a new thread or post a thread you see a window like the one below. The arrow is pointing to the Insert image Icon.

    If you do not see a Thread post window like the one above:

    Go into your "User CP" and on left side look for "Edit Options"

    Then scroll all the way to the Bottom of the page till you see the window like the one below and open the pull down selection box and set it to what you see in the picture below and save. That should give you the edit window format you see above.

    Other tips:
    I open NGTO in a separate browser so I can go back and forth between NGTO and Photobucket.

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