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Making Memories at Tallulah River

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  • Making Memories at Tallulah River

    Tallulah River has always been my favorite Georgia river.

    My parents took to camping when I was teenager. I think Marty kept dating me because he and my Daddy got along so well, sharing a love of trout fishing. Eventually, Tallulah became a memory-making place for our boys as they grew up... numerous family gatherings with grandparents, cousins, aunts & uncles...

    We're now the proud and blessed grandparents of a granddaughter who will soon celebrate her 2nd birthday. During a recent visit, I took her to Goats on the Roof and on a whim, I detoured to Tallulah River, taking the long way home while she napped. From out of the blue -- it hit me -- I couldn't possibly travel this now-paved road without stopping.

    The water was quite chilly. However, Katherine was more-than-eager to dip her toes into the frigid water, and she was giddy with delight. I've got a feeling this girl has a love for water in her blood.

    First Steps in Tallulah River

    Celebrating her heritage

    Grandaddy explains about catch-and-release at Fern Valley

    For now, throwing rocks with granddaddy is plenty of fun

    Katherine at Fern Valley with her Best Friend, Harold

    There's nothing like time on the water to bind hearts.
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    Wonderful memories there FVG...mine were at Rock Creek

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      Awesome story, great pictures.

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        Beautiful! I see a fly rod in her future.
        "Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after."
        -Henry David Thoreau


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          Great story Glad. I am guessing that the Tallulah now has slipped to your second favorite river.


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            Caught my first trout on the Tallulah more than 60 yrs. ago. Caught many more using spinning gear and crickets. I had many experiences there, including an encounter with a moonshiner with a shotgun. I still love it there.


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              Love it, as it reminds me of times with great gradfather and father cutting teeth at nimblewill creek


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                Now that's jes' 'zackly the post I was needin' to see after today's work has come to sn end. Absotively, posilutely lovely!

                Thanks for sharing that with us, Glad. That's what makes this world go 'round.
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                  good stuff, and that shot of her with the dog is beautiful. Makes me wish my boy could spend more time with his grandparents, who are 3 states away. He loves them dearly, just as I'm sure she does y'all.
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