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  • Sticky: Swap Shop Rules

    The "Swap Shop" Forum is for NGTO members that wish to buy/sell & trade items. No dealer or commercial sales permitted.

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    To all NGTO members:

    As our membership has grown, so has the use of the Swap Shop forum to buy, sell, and trade gear amongst our members. So that all understand the rules associated with the use of the NGTO Swap Shop forum, we are updating this post with easy to understand (and follow) rules of use. Please feel free to contact anyone on the BOD if you have any questions about the use of the Swap Shop forum that are not specifically addressed below.

    NGTO Swap Shop Forum Rules of Use

    Please understand / adhere to the following rules when utilizing the NGTO Swap Shop forum to buy, sell, or trade goods. Violation of these rules will be addressed as necessary to ensure peace and tranquility here on NGTO are maintained.
    • The NGTO Swap Shop forum was established to allow NGTO members to post lawful items for sale. No dealer or commercial sales are permitted. Messages about items or services that violates this basic criteria will be deleted without prior warning. If you are a business owner and wish to inquire about becoming an official NGTO sponsor, please contact anyone on the Board of Directors.
    • NGTO assumes no liability or involvement for any item posted for sale. We do not guarantee, endorse, or warrant any item in any way. In other words, it is Buyer Beware.
    • All deals are private agreements between the buyer and the seller and site Moderators / NGTO Board of Directors will not get involved with any disputes that might arise between members utilizing the Swap Shop forum.
    • The content of a classified posting and the asking price for an item is completely up to the seller. Do not criticize a seller's asking price or the item posted for sale - it's their 'for sale' thread not yours. If you think the asking price is out of line or do not like the item being sold, then simply stay out of it.
    • Items placed in the Swap Shop forum for sale should be described accurately and clear pictures of the itemís condition should be included whenever possible. Put yourself in the buyer's shoes; what would you want to know about the item?
    • All items will have an asking price listed with a means for you to be contacted, i.e. either via PM or email.
    • We do not allow Ebay type bidding auctions, but it is permissible to respond to the seller with an offer if they have stated they will entertain "best offers" for their item.
    • When your item has been sold or taken off the market, please make a final post in your thread to that effect to notify members the item is SOLD or No Longer Available (NLA).

    Thanks in advance for reading and abiding by these swap shop rules.
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