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    Originally posted by Dtroutmann View Post
    Yeah everyone thought it was part of his shtick, and then just got distracted by the jamming, so nobody realised that almost 4 min had gone by and that something was wrong. When we realised it he was brought off stage and attended to by some very good paramedics, they did everything right his heart was beating and he was breathing when he was taken away in the ambulance. He died shortly after getting to the hospital. Can't explain how helpless everyone felt standing next to him saying prayers for him to be alright
    when watching the video, it seems that Jimmy is the first one to really notice that something isn't right. Strong look of concern about 2 minutes in ( if i can remember correctly )
    Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right... R. Hunter


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      I was there in the 3rd row and saw pretty much all of it happen. It was one of the greatest nights of music I have ever seen and I still think about the show a lot. Everybody seemed to think he was just doing his normal thing. I am interested to see what the guys in Widespread Panic play this weekend for their return to the Fox since that night.