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Renzetti 4000, Orvis Recon, Orvis Battenkill II

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  • Renzetti 4000, Orvis Recon, Orvis Battenkill II

    A few items up for sale!

    SOLD - Renzetti 4000 - bought this summer. Tied about 20 flies on it. As close to new as you will find. $350

    SOLD -Orvis Recon 8’6” 4wt, tube and sleeve - bought new this summer I just prefer a 5wt. $365. NO TRADES

    SOLD -Orvis Battenkill II spooled with GPX 4wt line and reel pouch. Line and reel have had about 5 outings. $120 spooled with the line or $90 without the line. I just moved and have the box somewhere but can’t find it as of today. If it turns up will include. NO TRADES

    I’m in Dawsonville but can meet within reasonable distance.
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    Pics of the 4wt Recon
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      Renzetti 4000 still needs a home. As close to new condition as you will ever find!


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        Free bump. Love my Renzetti.
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          Renzetti needs a home........its LIKE NEW!


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            $325 FIRM on the Renzetti 4000 or I'll just keep her.

            About as nice of a rotary vice as you can buy..........LIKE NEW!!!!!


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              Got a MINT condition Renzetti 4000 just gathering dust.......needs a home.


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                Sounds like you might need to back down that "FIRM" price then


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                  What it REALLY SOUNDS LIKE is that you should read the rules pertaining to posts in the classifieds section. At least that's what it sounds like to me after reading your comment

                  I might budge a little on $325 but it is $400 vise new that I bought last summer, is in MINT condition, indistinguishable from new and has only had a handful of flies tied on it the last of which was tied shortly after I bought it. I realize there isn't much demand for higher end vises so if it sells tomorrow or two years from no so be it.
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                    It is a very very nice vise and a good deal on it. If I didn't have so much invested in my norvise and so many flies tied on the ole girl I would be tempted. I would be like you. If it sells it sells, if it doesn't no biggie. A vise like that really isn't going to lose its appeal.
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