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  • Thanks for the Fling

    To all the people who make the Spring Fling possible, thank you. For an inexperienced fly fisherman it is a great event to learn something new in almost every conversation. Chuck Morris is a beast. Swamp Angel and wife are a delight. Glad that I ignored the rain and came. Look forward to seeing some of you on the water. Tight Lines to all. Have a blessed Holy Week.

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    I'll second Hayseed's comments. Thanks to all who attended, and all the volunteers who erected the tent, flung tables, hauled chairs, and waded in the parking lot!

    Many thanks to the presenters - you had an audience who will apply your lessons as soon as possible. Some, probably before I typed this!

    And many, many thanks to our sponsors, who braved bad weather and cramped conditions to see old friends and meet new folks face-to-face.

    I enjoyed meeting new friends, seeing old friends, and seeing old friends in person for the first time.

    Gold Star barbeque was terrific, as usual, and many of the side dishes were wonderful (at least the ones I tasted.)

    Hayseed, it may not have been as exciting as being dropped off in Little Five Points at 2am, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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      Originally posted by Hayseed View Post
      To all the people who make the Spring Fling possible, thank you. For an inexperienced fly fisherman it is a great event to learn something new in almost every conversation. Chuck Morris is a beast. Swamp Angel and wife are a delight. Glad that I ignored the rain and came. Look forward to seeing some of you on the water. Tight Lines to all. Have a blessed Holy Week.
      I would also like to second that Hayseed. The guys that put in the effort to bring this thing together should all recieve Helios Rods with matching reels and a winning ticket to tonight's lottery. I see 1000's of volunteer man hours behind this event.

      The BBQ was some of the best I've ever had. All the side dishes were great too. I couldn't decide between the salsa and the taters/bacon and cheese, they were all good.

      Trent did a great job on the photography seminar. Chuck and all his bag of tricks when it comes to tying flies. It should be illegal to fish with some of Chuck's flies. It just goes to show you, inspite of Dr. Dark Cloud, NGTO Spring Fling rain or shine baby.

      I admire all you guys that were waving lightning rods in the river today for Landon's seminar.

      Hat's off to ALL you guys and I'll raise a glass of Ice Tea up for that tonight.

      I thought I knew everything, after today, I know twice as much now, lol

      Thank You, Thank You


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        Roger that!

        I almost said "in spite of the rain" but even the rain held off after 11:00 am. Everything was great! I met a few folks that I'd never met, reconnected with some old friends and ate some GOLD STAR, best in the land. BKarma made out like a bandit, Mo got the Helios, and everybody I spoke said they were glad the braved the elements to come. Good job every one!

        Exodus 29:18
        Then burn the entire ram on the altar. It is a burnt offering to the LORD, a pleasing aroma, a food offering presented to the LORD. God loves BBQ!


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          I mus' say that I am whole-heartedly in agreement with ev'vrything ev'rybody done said. 'Twas a great day to spend with folks who share similar passions fer fishin'. I want to publicly thank Fishbreath fer allowin' me to bow out of the Drag Free Drift seminar so as to avoid turnin' a frustratin' cold into a somewhat more serious decrepitude.

          As always, 'twas truly wundermus to see so menny of the folks I have done got to meet. It's a gen-you-wine pleasure fer to be allowed to acquaint mahse'f with the gen'lmen and the female-lady-women that are the heart, soul, an' core of NGTO. This bein' mah third Spring fling I find mahse'f meetin' yet more of the folks whose posts I have enjoyed here, an' from whom I have learnt such a good deal 'bout fishin' with flies fer trout (as well as fer other lesser finned creatures). An' it thrilled me to git to meet sech new folks as Kleinhammer, Cliff Speed, Hayseed, Remoh, an' so menny others that I cain't hardly 'member all the names. An' even some of them mentioned as newcomers have been members of the forum fer menny years, but have only recently commenced a-postin' vocif'rously.

          I look forward to seein' all 'yall on the water throughout the comin' months, as well as seein' menny more photos of these "new-age" trout wearin' their face piercings so proudly fer our enjoyment.

          Finally, thanks to all our sponsors an' supporters who provide so much to make this virtual society a reality by way of their strong support an' commitment. Thanks to each an' ev'ry one of y'all!
          If you have difficulty understanding the post above, read it out loud and it should make sense. This NGTO member is known for his poor hill-billy upbringing and his affinity for all things from Louisiana (particularly if it relates to LSU). It makes for a poor mix of accents and much difficulty in translation. He was doing well for so long, but now seems to have regressed.


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            Agree with all. My first fling, sorry I couldn't stay for lunch. I will be back for the next on.


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              Ditto To all above statements. Excellent day. Thanks to the vets that showed up and got on the water as well. Big round of claps for our sponsors and the board for another great fling, although i doubt RScott did much

              Wet Fly, congrats on a beautiful Rod, B Kar Ma, Congrats on another Beautiful Rod. I know I am willing as many others are, to help you with those rods since you two have so many already and might wear your arms out casting such heavy pieces of glass.

              Excellent vittles and company. cannot wait until the next one and the one for the Vets in april

              thank you all.
              "Courage is fear that has said it's prayers..." Captain Guy D. Gruters USAF Ret, Vietnam War 1967-1973 (POW)


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                Awesome event. I love knowing that I still have soooo much to learn. I think its great to have such a resource of experience right at my computer, and now more importantly to have faces associated with that knowledge and experiience.

                It is also phenomenal to see multiple genreations of folks involved. I think it's important for us to remember the impact our predecessors had on our overall lives, not just fishing interests/abilities. NGTO family is doing a great job developing that kind of mentorship - and some of you mentors probably do not even know you are one! Hope to fish with some of you guys soon.

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                  Ditto, Big T! I met a man last week who told me his 18 year old son had been bitten by the fly fishing bug. I told him to bring his son to the fling and to participate in the Drag Free Drift program. They brought the entire clan - probably had something to do with the free bbq lunch. But I know that this kid really learned a lot from his mentor on the stream - RRumbaugh (thanks again). While he was fishing my 4 weight, I rigged up his White River combo (when I started, that was my fisrt outfit). Hunter came by with glazed eyes - too much to remember was his comment. But we got him started on the right path - and that's what its all about!
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                  Those sure are puurrtty stars


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                    glad to hear there's another successful event on the books. sorry i couldnt make it out, sounds like i missed one helluva time.


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                      I also want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone. This was my first fling and was accepted like an old friend. I will be back and wish all tight lines and good health.


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                        This was my first fling - so great meeting folks from the site for the first time and seeing those I already know again. I enjoyed the food, people, and everything else. Just not enough time to see everything and meet all the folks you'd like to meet! I was pleased to get to meet the Caylors in person - and what wonderful folks they are. I've had some great days on the water catching fish with his flies.

                        It seems as if folks really got a lot out of the drag free drift seminar and that's good to hear. My protege, Professional Hippie, said he learned a lot. I was glad to hear it, and glad to give a little something back for all the advice, information, and companionship I've gotten through this site and its members over the last couple of years. I'd be happy to mentor again.

                        Oh by the way, you folks will be happy to learn that Professional Hippie did find his wallet and all is well!
                        I got a fever, and the only prescription is more brook trout!


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                          Great Fling - Landon (Fishbreath) thanks for puuting on the Dead Drift clinic and I can not thank RScott (Scott Brown) for taking care of the two wounded vets, you were so kind to be with them on the dead drift outing and then to let them raid your flybox. Graham and Tim were like kids in Disneyland wearing the River Runs Thru Atlanta Hats from Chris Scalley.

                          Thanks to everyone that stopped by the PHW wounded vets table and to the NGTO member who donated 2 pairs of waders.

                          Mo - Congrats to winning the Helios - what a nice return for all the work you did on the fly boxes you donated to the Fall Fling for many years.



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                            A good one in the books, rain or shine! Really a pretty good turn out considering the liquid sunshine with occasional lightening. Unfortunately the rain had the river half to 3/4 muddy for the DD clinic but it worked just fine for learning the technique.

                            Sorry I had to leave early to join a somewhat unplanned family get together, but I had fun for half a day.....

                            Mike - Tim & Graham deserved a better day and a better coach, but I enjoyed every wet and cold minute of it. I am attaching a couple of pictures I took (except for the crappy group shot that Landon took). If I can ever help, just let me know.


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                              Thanks for a grand time

                              I'm glad the rain didn't keep me away. I had a great time meeting folks and eating some of the finest BBQ around. And winning the or is sling pack was a nice plus. . Thanks to all of you that put in your time money and effort to put this event on, I hope all the big fish find your flies. .
                              I,m looking froward to the fall fling already. Summer fling?