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Fall Fling?

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  • Fall Fling?

    Anyone have info on Fall Fling for this year? This would be my first time going and hoping I can plan in advance to be available that day. Any other specific details (where & times) would be much appreciated. Happy fishing!

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    Flings have their own separate forum to make it easier to find info

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      The Fling is November 4th.

      There will be an on water clinic that Big T is teaching starting at daylight.

      From there we will have various seminars throughout the morning starting usually around 9 or 10 and go until we eat lunch. Then we'll then draw winners for our bucket raffle items and silent auction winners.

      The Fling is at the Buford trout hatchery.

      Or you can go to the link RScott provided for more details.
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