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AO "Tie a Fly Day!" - Sat. 11/10 11-3pm

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  • AO "Tie a Fly Day!" - Sat. 11/10 11-3pm

    "Tie a Fly Day!" w/ Steve Hudson

    Have you ever wanted to get started in fly tying but didn’t know where to begin? Join local author and tyer Steve Hudson for Tie A Fly Day! This is a drop-in event and is first-come, first served. This free event, which runs from 11 a.m. till 3 p.m., gives you the opportunity to sit down and tie your very own fly for trout or panfish fishing in northern Georgia.

    What sort of flies can you choose from? This event will include some classic and proven trout patterns such as the San Juan Worm and the Green Caterpillar, as well as the Foam Spider to use for panfish fishing down at the local pond.

    Tie A Fly Day will be fun for adults and youth alike. Join us, you may leave with a new hobby that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

    Tools, tying supplies and instructional materials are provided for use in the workshop. All you need to bring is excitement about learning something new…and of course a fly box in which to put the flies that you’ll be tying! No reservation required.

    Where: Alpharetta Outfitters
    When: Sat. 11/10 11-3pm
    Cost: FREE
    What to bring: You and a friend!

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    Thanks for coming by for Tie a Fly Day!

    I wanted to thank everyone who dropped by for Tie a Fly Day hosted by Alpharetta Outfitters! We had more than 30 new fly tyers come by and tie their first flies, and it was a huge amount of fun!

    I was especially happy to see the large number of young people who participated! Those future fly tyers did a great job creating their first flies. They're the future of our sport, and I want to say "Thank you!" to the moms and dads (and grandmoms and granddads) who brought the young folks along.

    This was fun! We will definitely do it again!




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      Thanks Steve for doing the fly tying on Saturday. My five year old Hudson loved tying a fly. He had so much fun. I also had a good time too.