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How to set up for the daily digest...

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  • How to set up for the daily digest...

    Many of you have asked about the daily digest and how to receive it. It's a little different than the old board but I think in a good way. The bad news is that you have to set yourself up for it - I can't do it. The good news is that you have total control as to which forums you recieve digests on - and you can even choose how often to receive them (daily, weekly, monthy, etc...).

    In order to configure the digest you have to "subscribe" to a forum. To do this you simply click on the forum you wish to subscribe to - for example: To subscribe to the "Ask the Experts" forum, you would first click on that forum to enter it.

    Then under the "Forum Tools" menu (upper-right hand side of the screen) you will see a selection that says "Subscribe to this forum". When you click on that selection it will ask you whether or not you wish to receive daily, weekly, or monthly updates.

    Repeat this process for every forum you wish to subscribe to and you will have your digest back.

    Please let me know if you have any problems and thanks for your support!

    *****UPDATE 11/30/2004******

    Due to the overwhelming response I have brought back the original daily digest in it's original form. This is in addition to the digest referred to in the instructions above. Signing up for this "legacy" daily digest will have you getting an email every 12 hours with every single post made in the last 12 hours. To sign up, or to unsubscribe, simply go to and enter your email address.

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