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  • Creating Mouseovers

    I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to create mouseovers in our forum.

    "Mouseover" is the term I know and use for highlighting text and having a picture that corresponds to that text appear at the mouse pointer (I don't know if there are other, more appropriate terms.) Example: having "Midge Pattern" text highlighted and hovering over it with the mouse pointer would pop up a small midge pattern picture.

    I figured out how to do it in Word (it's a pain) with the help of Google, but I'm not sure if we can do that here. Not a big deal if we can't, but it's a pretty awesome tool and keeps folks from having to click off the page (or open in a separate tab) if they want to view something we've linked.

    Just wondering if there's a way to do that here that I'm missing.
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