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A Message to New Folks Concerning Stream Names, Locations and Trout on NGTO

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  • A Message to New Folks Concerning Stream Names, Locations and Trout on NGTO

    NGTO is a tremendous information conduit for trout fishermen. It is also completely voluntary. These folks are some of the nicest folks you may ever meet and many are some of the most knowledgeable trout fishers in Georgia. Although most folks on NGTO are usually easy going, a bone of contention among members is the publicizing of sensitive stream information. Restraint is expected concerning stream information. Although stocked streams and out of state streams deserve some consideration, small streams containing wild trout in the state of Georgia are considered the most sensitive with wild native brook trout camped at the top of the list.

    Your quest for information does not supersede member's expectations of restraint of the naming and discussion of their favorite streams.

    If you are new and want to learn about small wild streams and brook trout in particular, nobody wants to stop you from learning about them. However, at the same time be respectful of your fellow anglers and use restraint and tact on the subject. Private messages and emails will keep you in good graces with your fellow trout fishermen. Take some time to prove that you are not here simply to mine the message board for information. Demonstrate your intent to “help out” with information and with time you will build trust with your fellow anglers and you will find plenty of opportunities to share information with your fellow NGTO members.

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    There are a lot of new folks on the board. From several threads recently that have had to be edited, it seems it's time to highlight this "Message" again to attempt to avert some aggravation.

    Please notice this message is not only in reference to brook trout. It also includes wild rainbows and browns. There are many folks that love them as much or even more than the brookies. It may even include some stockers at times.

    I'd say use common sense, but I also like to say common sense is learned. Even well known streams have what many feel are their little secrets. Even in well known streams, please stay away from hotspotting large wild fish or even fish that would not be expected there. If you don't know, better to leave it out and privately ask somebody that seems helpful. This is part of learning that "common sense".

    I'm pretty sure NGTO was around before the term "social media" was coined.
    But NGTO is social media. A positive part of being social is not inadvertently aggravating the folks that you are socializing with, or that may have even helped you along the way.

    Moderators are trying to keep the peace. A couple things that disrupt that peace: 1) Posting somebody's wild fish honey hole will not endear you to them. 2) Many people are naturally lazy. Post a "rarely heard of" or "hard to find" stream in reference to wild fish, and sheeple may show up in mass to a place to which some fisherman was planning to head, or had previously had solitude and peace. This creates aggravation. The trolls exploit that aggravation.

    This "Message" was placed here as a moderator tool years ago to be informational and as a response to trolls. The moderators are reasonable about this issue but they have the final say. Also, to upend the ever-present trolls, NGTO has a policy that moderators will tend to not argue on the message board. If you want to contest a decision or discuss, do it by email or PM.

    The Mods
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