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  • Suggested Tackle and Search Info

    NGTO members use spinning and/or fly tackle to pursue trout. The choice is yours, and yours alone. There are times when one method may outperform the other, but it all evens out in the end.

    Spinning Tackle
    Any spin outfit rated ultra light to medium light will do just fine. If you plan to fish tiny mountain streams, you will need to gear towards ultra light outfits, in shorter rod lengths, for example a 6’ ultra light outfit with 2lb to 4lb mono or fluorocarbon line.

    Larger streams and rivers will be easier to fish with light or medium light action outfits, with 4lb or 6lb line. Rods may be a long as you wish; in fact, a 7’ spinning rod will let you experience a fly tackle technique called “high-sticking”, which resembles cane pole fishing! Stop laughing. The fish don’t know (or care) what kind of tackle you use!

    Fly Tackle
    This is probably the most-asked question new members ask - What Fly Tackle Should I Buy?

    There are no right or wrong answers. This is similar to asking “What shoes should I buy?” Think in terms of your:
    Type of stream you will fish most often
    Intended species (small native trout, stocked trout, panfish, etc.)

    Small, native trout are usually fished with light fly tackle – 2wt to 3wt, with generally short rods of 6’ to 7.5’. You CAN use heavier tackle, but the presentation and fight is more pleasant on lighter tackle.

    Stocked trout can be found in small-to-large streams, and tackle could include the light tackle listed above, on up to 4wt to 6wt, with rods 8’ to 10’ on larger water. Those options open up warm water species, as well as almost all trout.

    New Fly Tackle Buyers Approach
    Let’s face it – most people have a tight budget when it comes to new hobbies. What follows is MY OPINION, not a consensus of NGTO’s opinions.

    This is me. I didn’t live close to a real fly shop. I bought a cheap combo outfit from a big-box retailer. The reel was noisy and plastic, and the line floated for 15 minutes. It served its purpose, and I loved the rod. I still have that rod, and still fish it occasionally. It now has an inexpensive cast aluminum reel and top quality line, as serves as a backup and loaner outfit. Your mileage may vary……

    Money Is No Object
    Hie thee forth to a legitimate, brick and mortar Fly Shop. Discuss your interests with the staff, and let them guide you.
    [Fly Shops want you to be a long-term customer….they do NOT want you to be disappointed with your purchases! Please visit our Sponsors! ]

    They may recommend casting or fishing classes to you. You would be best served by taking any classes offered. Fly casting is a lifetime adventure, and it is so much more pleasant when you don’t have to unlearn bad habits.

    Anywhere In Between Those Extremes
    Most fly anglers say to spend more on the rod, less on the reel. Personally, I add good quality line to equation. After a brief period of flailing away with fly tackle, I discovered I COULD tell the difference between OK line and GOOD line. It floats better, needs less cleaning, and makes casting easier once you have the basics covered.

    How Do I Learn To Cast?
    Ranked from Best to DIY.
    1. Pay for casting instruction. NGTO has been sponsored by Atlanta Fly Fishing School for years, with many satisfied customers.
    2. If the shop you frequent offers casting classes, take ‘em!
    3. Fish with a guide who will coach you.
    4. If your buddy casts well, ask him to help you.
    5. Join a TU Chapter. This is good advice in general, on many levels.
    6. Observe other guys casting.
    7. Google and Bing will find bazillions of videos.
    8. And, you LEARN to cast on the lawn, not the stream!

    You Can’t Learn It All!
    Nor can you learn it quickly. Take it step-by-step and savor the journey. Attend an NGTO Fling and take the Drag-Free Drift Seminar (on the water) and you can learn more about catching fish than making beautiful casts! There are Federation of Fly Fishers certified casting instructors who can help you with those beautiful casts. And lunch is fabulous! Plus, the whole thing is free!

    Using the SEARCH Feature
    There have been many thousands of topics discussed on NGTO over the years. Most of your questions have been answered multiple times. The SEARCH feature lets you find info quickly.

    To use the SEARCH feature, drag the scroll bar on the right side of the panel to the top of the page.

    You may enter your text in the open block and press GO, or you may select Advanced Search, which will give you more control of the Search.

    The Advanced Search option will have a block on the left where you type the text you want to match. Underneath that is a drop-down option for searching Entire Posts or Titles Only. I suggest using Entire Posts until you become more comfortable with the Search. You may enter the board name of a Poster if you are trying to find something from a specific person.

    Under that section, you have options to restrict the search to a specific date range. If you are looking for something you saw last week, the search will be much shorter than if you search through years of posts. To the right of those options, you may select a specific Forum to search.

    When you are satisfied, press the Search Now button in the dark green bottom border.

    As helpful as the Search feature is, it can be frustrating to find exactly what you are looking for. At that point, post a question on the message board and we’ll try to answer it.

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