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2012 Spring Fling Drag Free Drift Seminar.

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    Landon, add me to the list please. Thank you.


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      C'mon Man

      Originally posted by Xristos View Post
      Yes sir! Thank you for the recommendation.
      Anybody that quotes Zappa must be an interesting dude. Also please add me to the list for the Spring Fling Drag free drift class and fly tying.


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        Just a reminder that PFDs are MANDATORY on the river. No exceptions.

        So please bring one to the seminar. If you have a spare that would be goodness.
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          Originally posted by hoochhackle View Post
          Anybody that quotes Zappa must be an interesting dude. Also please add me to the list for the Spring Fling Drag free drift class and fly tying.
          Aaaaaaaaaaand it begins.
          Glad to see you made it buddy
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            I'd like to sign up for this seminar. Thanks.


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              Sign me up.........being a novice fly fisherman, I am looking forward to the shared knowledge of all of you "Older and Wiser" trout trackers......

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                Just want to Bump this back up.

                The NGTO Spring Fling Dead Drift Seminar is getting a lot of attention. Looks like it's going to be a huge turn out. Landon will need all the help he can get from skilled members that have attended the seminar in the past and can volunteer some time to "Pay it Forward" and help Landon make this a great learning opportunity for all the newcomers.

                Just a reminder that PFDs (Personal Floatation Devices) are MANDATORY on this section of the river. No exceptions.

                If you have spare PFD(s), please bring them with you to share.
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                  I have allready signed up and have noticed how many people are planning to attend. Do I need to tie any certain flies for this event. I'm not the best tyer but would be glad to tie as many as I can of whatever you need if this would help? Dont worry, I'm not asking for the super secret squirrel receipe

                  Is there any certain size or sizes of tippet I need to bring (mono/fluro)? I just dont want to come down there with my hands held out (we have enough of that going on in our country as it is). Sorry for the soap box part!
                  Just let me know anyway I can contribute! I'm really looking forward to this, thanks.


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                    Originally posted by cota2009 View Post
                    Do I need to tie any certain flies for this event? Is there any certain size or sizes of tippet I need to bring (mono/fluro)?
                    Thanks for asking!

                    If you have any basic nymphs - hairs ear, pheasant tail, prince, etc., you should be fine.

                    Tippet material of 5x is kinda the standard. Fluorocarbon isn't essential for the session, but many folks (me included) use fluoro as an excuse to go heavier on the tippet!

                    And from your conventional tackle, bring split shot in small to medium sizes. Somewhere in the seminar's syllabus you'll find the phrase - split shot is your friend! And I'll drink to that.

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                      Sign me up for this, been looking for an event like this for a while

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                        Ditto what Sam said on the need to pay it forward. Many, if not most of us, have benefited from one-on-one instruction in our "formative years" (ie., not catching much). I happen to enjoy working with newer flyfishermen as do many others of us on this board. If you have some drifting skills to pass on, your assistance would be a huge help to Landon and those others volunteering this year. It takes a lot of time and effort to pull off this DFD class, and it would be a shame to have our students far outnumber the mentors. You'll make some new friends and likely (as I have found!) get invited to fish some in the future.
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                          I will be there to help mentor/guide a few of the attendees. Landon, can you please pm me what time to be there, any additional info, etc..

                          for the bods REMEMBER a Personal Flotation Device is REQUIRED!!

                          Mentors, please remember to bring extra flies, indicators, etc. to share. If anyone can donate any of these materials it will be greatly appreciated as well.



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                            I have been fly fishing for about 5 years and believe I have a decent amount of knowledge about dead drifts but I feel like you guys could have some pointers for me in some aspects. And I also have a friend that wants to sign up who is real new to fly fishing. Do you guys think I should sign up as a mentor or student? I could also be my friends mentor if that helps.


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                              I'd like to sign up for this seminar. Is this thread the sign up location?


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                                Yup, you can sign up here! Look forward to seeing you there!
                                You guys hear about Roscoe and that chocolate monkey???