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2012 Spring Fling Drag Free Drift Seminar.

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  • 2012 Spring Fling Drag Free Drift Seminar.

    Back by popular demand for the Spring Fling is the highly popular Drag Free Drift seminar. What is this you may wonder? Basically at the Drag Free Drift seminar we will cover how to become a better nymph fisherman. We will start with an explanation of all the how to's of rigging up for success to catch trout. Afterwards, we will go over the most effective casts to keep you from getting tangled up constantly. Finally we will get you paired up with an experienced mentor and actually go out on the river and put what you learned into practice.

    This seminar has been hugely popular in years past and I know has helped some guys improve their catch rate tremendously. Sign up for this free and awesome event.

    Past DFD graduates and any other expereinced guys, if you would like to volunteer your knowledge, it would be much appreciated. I hope to see a large turnout for this year!

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    I'm gonna be lookin' closely ever' single day fer the sign up list. Mah wife, Meaux, would very much like to attend this seminar and learn from that young Jedi known formally as Rainbow Lover. You know, the one that recently turned to the Dark Side and has become Sith Lord Darth Fishbreath.

    Seriously, I learned a lot from y'all last year, and hope to be allowed to participate in the seminar this year as a refresher. Thanks for bringing this one around again. This one will never grow old!
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      Just wanted to say how much we appreciate you taking on leading this class. I know that Mr. Creech would love to be there with you, but he is still on the mend (get well Terry!).

      Folks, the curriculum for this class was pioneered by the legendary Dredger, who knows a few things about catching trout! If you are new to this sport or just want to improve your catch rate, then get up early and attend this on stream seminar. And for you class alumni; please consider signing on to help Landon out. The more mentor / instructors we have, the better!
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        I will be available to help mentor again if you like.
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          I'm in. Sign me up, jot me down, pencil me in, save my seat, run my credit card - whatever it takes.


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            Where's the sign up sheet? put me on there...


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              Thanks for stepping up and taking the lead on this.

              I'm sure it will be discussed, but no harm in mentioning it now. If you're going to participate in this seminar, you MUST wear a PFD. It's a requirement on that stretch of the Hooch, and it just makes good sense.
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                I'm interested in helping out as well.


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                  Sign me up for an instructor position! This will be a great class for the fisherman looking to bump his trout game up to the next level!
                  You guys hear about Roscoe and that chocolate monkey???


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                    I will definitely be there, sign me up! Can't wait to meet more of ya'll! Looking forward to it!



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                      The next generation! I feel sure the DFD part of our fling will continue to turn out better flyfishermen (and women) who will, in turn, "pass it on."
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                        I can help you out as well if you need it. Let me know.


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                          Sign me up, I'm always ready to learn from more experienced folks


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                            Sign me up toooooooooo. I missed this last year and not gonna miss it this year. I have an extra rod and waders that someone can borrow if needed. Now the stupid question, what kind of PFD do majority of yall use? I have been thinking of starting to wear one but did not know what most of y'all preferred. Thanks for putting on a seminar like this!!!!!


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                              Please pencil in my daughter Rosie and me for the DFD seminar.