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2012 Spring Fling Casting Results!

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  • 2012 Spring Fling Casting Results!

    Hey all!

    Thank you to everyone that came out to the casting competition today! It is always a blast to cast with this group, with the great variety of skill levels and personal technique. If you didn't give the course a go this spring, practice a little and give it a go at the fall fling! It is a great time!

    The top three competitors for the 2012 Spring Fling Casting Games are:

    #1. Hoochbuster! With a total of 6270 points.
    #2. Fire Walker! With a total of 5990 points.
    #3. Brandon! With a total of 5650 points.

    Congrats to these guys, great casting!
    Seth Sullivan

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    Congrats to all the winners and a huge thanks to Tboy for coordinating the Spring Fling casting comp. And a big thanks to Runner and GB for giving my little nephew a casting lesson; he had a blast at his first NGTO Fling.

    Great job Tboy; you da man!!!!
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      And thanks to Seth for putting this on. And thanks for firewalker for showing me some flaws that I need to work on
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        Had a great time, thanks for putting it on Seth!
        You guys hear about Roscoe and that chocolate monkey???


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          Lotta fun guys. Thanks for all the good info, good food, and great company.
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            Enjoyed the event!!!

            I really enjoyed this event, first time that I have attended. Lot of information and thanks to Driftwood for the lessons.



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              Lotta fun

              Thanks Guys. I enjoyed all the shop talk and learned a lot from the Dead Drift guys. Hope to fish with you guys soon.