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2017 Spring Fling Schedule

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  • 2017 Spring Fling Schedule

    SATURDAY, 1 APRIL 2017
    Buford Trout Hatchery
    3204 Trout Place Rd
    Cumming, GA 30041

    Drag Free Drift Clinic. Participants need to arrive at 0730 to suit up, sign waivers and head to the water. Landon has agreed to lead this event again.
    This is an excellent on the water clinic that is geared toward helping new fly fishermen to get a "running go" at actually catching trout instead of flailing that noodle of a fishing pole in the wind. A sign up thread will be posted soon.

    Fly Tying clinic by Steve Hudson.
    This will run from 0900 thru 1045 with a limited number of participants. This spring, Steve will be covering warm water flies since warming waters will produce plenty of opportunity for practicing you fly tying and fishing skills on plenty of species of pan fish and other warm water finned creatures. Keep an eye out for further information from Steve!

    Seminar 1: Targeting Big Browns on Tailwaters, by NGTO member "browniez"
    This should be a particularly good presentation for those who are seeking to find a fat-bellied- kype-jawed brownie attached to the end of their line.

    Seminar 2: "Lowdown on Leaders" program by Steve Hudson. This seminar will discuss how to set up leaders for a variety of situations and will include various dropper configurations. This can really help in getting those elusive hook-ups.

    Time to have a bite to eat.

    Clean up and dismissal

    Additionally, NGTO will have caps, stickers, decals, and a few Caylor Custom Flies for purchase. There will also be a "Swap Shop" table set up for NGTO members to place mildly used gear and equipment for sale, trade, or barter. Georgia Fly Fishing Books will also be made available for purchase as well.

    Please bring your own chairs for this event (card tables as well if you so desire). This Fling will be more of an informational and "meet and greet" fling than previous flings as we will be concentrating on our Fall Fling for our fundraising. This is the perfect fling for new members to meet and get to know each other, as well as for folks who are new to trout fishing to glean knowledge from some of our wrinkled old trout bums.

    Stay tuned for more information and updates.
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    When will the sign up sheet be posted?


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      Originally posted by Bboyd View Post
      When will the sign up sheet be posted?
      It'll be up sometime today. We'll start a new thread for the classes/seminars.
      I am officially upgrading Gatorbyte from "fly in my ointment" to "thorn in my side". If he happens to elevate himself to "pain in my a$$" I'm gonna blame it on RScott.

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        I know spring there is less focus on fundraising, but I've got a new tacky box and some flies from Monthly Fly that we can raffle/auction off.
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