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    I had a blast and look forward to many more!
    A special thanks to Steve Hudson for humoring me in my first fly tying attempts(seriously you were great). Rscott for taking time to shell out all of IFs secrets(even if he did specifically encourage us to out right lye more). Dredger for being just plain informative on all things fishy. Swampangel for heading up this large group of miscreants. We really couldn’t have picked a better illiterate Cajun for the job! And to the rest of the folks there for just being all around awesome human beings.
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      My first fling

      I enjoyed my first fling of many more to come and want to give thanks to all that put it together for us and made it possible. It was great to meet so many nice people and be able to put a face with the different screen names. Like Gout said I think the greatest part of the fling was us youngsters getting to chat with our elders, we can always learn something from you guys and your not stingy with your knowledge and we appreciate it.


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        Another FLING in the books.

        Without the countless numbers of volunteers helping Big T with the DFD, setting up the tables and the swap items, the food crew getting it all going, Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, Steve Hudson, Gatorbyte and Riverpirate’s seminars and anyone else that helped make it happen, NGTO wouldn’t be able to have amazing events like this.

        Thank you to all that came out. I hope you had a great time and we will need you moving forward to help make future events just as good or even better than this one!
        I am officially upgrading Gatorbyte from "fly in my ointment" to "thorn in my side". If he happens to elevate himself to "pain in my a$$" I'm gonna blame it on RScott.

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