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2018 Spring Fling Preview

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  • 2018 Spring Fling Preview

    Yes, brethren (and sistren), this is late and overdue, and it's only jes' a preview, but this year's Spring Fling is def'nitely on. It is scheduled for April 14th at the Buford Trout Hatchery.

    Georgia Women Fly Fishers will be conducting a class for folks who are new to fly fishing at this year's Spring Fling. We are extremely happy to have these lovely ladies join us (or did we join them?) for this event. More information will be forthcoming on this shortly.

    We also have three presentations/seminars to offer. Mark Moody will be discussing small streams for folks who are new to the idea. William Beard will be presenting thoughts, ideas, and tactics for fishing lakes for trout. And Steve Hudson will be on location to tell us a bit about Georgia's favorite river, the Chattahoochee, specifically related to the extreme upper portion of the river where the first trout can be found and bringing us into the town of Helen and how to fish the river right through the middle of town.

    William Beard will also be tying some of his favorite flies for us to observe and steal his ideas. And Steve Hudson will be leading a class on tying poppers.

    Keep an eye open for Steve's thread regarding his popper class and get signed up. There are only eight slots available.

    More info to come shortly.

    Hope to see y'all there!
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    What are the start/end times currently in place for the event?


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      Ga Womens Fly Fishers (GWFF) will hold a seminar at 8:00AM for beginners, at 9:00AM Steve Hudson will be teaching his class on tying poppers.
      So, we will get cranking in the 8:00 AM slot and usually finish around 2:00. There will be threads posted for signup for setup, teardown, parking, Steve already has a signup for the Popper class. Lunch at noon.

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        Do any activities overlap? If not, I wouldn't mind signing up for the popper class.


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          Originally posted by Lumis View Post
          Do any activities overlap? If not, I wouldn't mind signing up for the popper class.
          @lumis - as stated, there will be a sign-up for each session in due time.
          Just be patient. It's like fishing, wait for it...


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            Some management folks that will be attending the fling

            Other than a good place to put faces with names, one of the themes for the Spring Fling will be based on the old Trout Primers the hatchery used to hold the weekend before the season started. With no season we still wanted to get the folks that are instrumental to trout management together with trout fisherman.

            Presently lined up for the NGTO Spring Fling is DNR law enforcement officer Chris Hall out of Forsyth County who has been pro-active on enforcement on the Hooch tailwater lately. I believe we will also have some of the DNR fisheries folks as well.

            Annie Couch with the National Park Service will be here and I'm trying to get her to drag Bill Couch the retired hatchery supervisor along as well.

            We were also able to drag Jim Wentworth of the US Forest Service out of the mountains for a Saturday lunch. Jim will be retiring from the USFS at the end of this month and I'm not sure what his plans are. This might be a time for some lowlander folks to say Thanks to Jim for all the years he has been involved with trout stream projects. If you are not familiar with Jim, he has been involved with, first, the NGTO stream projects that began I think in 2006, and now the Tailwater TU stream projects with the boy scouts that NGTO has been providing lunch for the past 5 or 6 years. BTW, Jim knows where every brook trout stream in north Georgia is located. Whether he will give up the info, I can't say.

            Carl Riggs should be here representing Trout Unlimited again.

            There are a couple other groups we are still trying to line up. If we do, they will be announced.
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              Canít wait for these seminars!!! And the food lol

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                Georgia Adopt-A-Stream

                It looks like one of the members of Georgia's Adopt-A-Stream program will be present at the Spring Fling.

                NGTO at one time, a long time ago, had several folks take part in the program.

                If this were rocket science most of us wouldn't be doing it. - Terry Creech