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  • Supporting NGTO Sponsors / Supporters

    Good evening all,

    I know that there are tons of options out there for buying fishing gear and tying materials these days. We literally have the world at fingers with the good old internet and our high speed modems! But I wanted to take a moment to encourage our members to consider buying gear and materials from our local fly shops sponsors (Rivers Edge Outfitters, Unicoi Outfitters & the Fish Hawk to be specific). Trust me, if they do not have what you are looking for, I can guarantee that they can get it for you asap! And we have many other business and guides that provide donations to NGTO and I encourage you to support them with your business as well. For contact info for all of our sponsors and supporters, please check out the Sponsors page:

    By supporting our sponsors and supporters, you are keeping local fly shops and business going strong. And there is nothing cooler than hanging out at your local fly shop and talking fishing with those who are in the know! Sure, you may be able to find a better deal on something by searching the web. But by making the decision to support our sponsors and supporters, you are keeping your money local and ensuring these great local resources will be here for years to come.

    And it goes without saying, but if we do not choose to do business with our sponors and supporters, then their ability to provide NGTO with their faithful donations year in and year out might come to an end. Our ability to do the things that we do depends greatly on our local sponsors donations and I hope that you will strongly consider doing business with them as much as you can so that they can in turn continue to support NGTO.

    Thanks so much for listening.
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    Amen to that.


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      Well said and amen!
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        I agree and support local shops


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          I support them. An example.....I contacted Jimmy Harris about the Book Signing event with TroutTackler. Told him I couldn't make it but could he get a book signed for me and I would pick up the following weekend. No problem. Following weekend I arrive, no Book..... A quick call to Jimmy, problem solved, seems he was with TT that weekend. Tuesday morning, book at my door.

          Service is exactly what folks expect.


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            A question re sponsorships....does NGTO currently have all the sponsors it wants??
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              PM sent.

              Those sure are puurrtty stars


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                I will back that with a amen!!


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                  Sponsors Information

                  What is the process if you would like to be a sponsor of NGTO. Who would I contact to get the ball rolling.
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                    You can PM any of the BODs for more info. Try "Gatorbyte" or "EG" or any of the folks listed on the "About NGTO" page.

                    Welcome to NGTO.
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                      Possible Sponsorship

                      I assume NGTO has all the sponsors and support it needs. I have tried repeatedly to get info on possible sponsorship with multiple emails requesting options to become a sponsor. Any info would be much appreciated!

                      Thanks, Cleve
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                        I would suggest private messaging the EG or RScott about this. I'm sure they will give you whatever information you are looking for. I'm not sure the details around this yet but am sure I will learn it very soon.


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                          Thanks Groundpounder. I forwarded my email to both, EG and RScott, hopefully they can help me figure out something.

                          Thanks Again,
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                            Cleve - message received, I will reply today with our standard agreement.

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                              Sponsor Fly special still on?

                              I get a "404 page not found" error when I click on the Unicoi ".95 cent fly" Banner on the sponsor link....

                              anyone out there know if they still offer this special?