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Carp Fishing with Henry Cowen for Casting For Recovery-Georgia!

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  • Carp Fishing with Henry Cowen for Casting For Recovery-Georgia!

    NGTO is proud to provide Casting For Recovery with a venue for auctioning two guided carp trips, donated by Henry Cowen! This auction will provide funds to be used in support of Casting For Recovery programs, as was NGTO's direct contribution of $2,000 that Buck Henry announced last week.

    Becky Hulsey has an auction thread with the same title as this one in the General Information forum. Please, make a bid!

    Carp fishing with Henry Cowen could be a life-changing event for you - adding another species you really, really like to catch - and providing funding for other activities in support of the Casting For Recovery program.

    You win! And it's a trip with Hank the Yank! Brush up on your casting and practice for that redfish trip you want to make!

    Breast cancer survivors win by building confidence and strength.

    And maybe one day a diagnosis of breast cancer won't be as traumatic as it can be today.

    Just like voting in Chicago - bid early, and bid often!
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