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2011 Annual BOD Meeting Update

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  • 2011 Annual BOD Meeting Update

    Hey gang,

    Per our bylaws, the NGTO Board of Directors held it's annual meeting on October 29, 2011. Our great friends Marty and Glad Simmons of Fern Valley graciously hosted our meeting at their home on the beautiful Soque River in north Georgia. And when I mean hosted, they treated us like we were the board from some Fortune 500 company with an amazing streamside lunch and some of Glad's world famous homemade bananna pudding! And there was also a little time for the guys to get in some fishing for some of those FV monster trout! Fern Valley is a great sponsor of NGTO and I just wanted to say how much we appreciate all that Marty and Glad did for us yesterday and also for their ongoing financial support of NGTO.

    And just so nobody thinks all we did was fish for trophy trout and eat bananna pudding yesterday, we actually had a very productive meeting while we were sitting on picnic tables on the banks of the famed Soque River. Here is what we accomplished:
    • B Kar Ma conducted the meeting role call and reviewed the minutes from the 2010 BOD meeting
    • Re-elected all current board members and officers. And that means you also have to put up with me for one more year as the Prez.
    • Gatorbyte gave a detailed report on the Fall Fling planning efforts. All systems are go for a great event next week up at the Buford Hatchery.
    • Slowstreamer gave a detailed report on our IT infrastructure / site operations. 2011 was a good year for us operationally with very little downtime. Ongoing discussions were had concerning the eventual upgrade our V-Bulletin operating platform.
    • Discussed and selected the 2011 NGTO Hall of Fame inductees
    • Reviewed NGTO financial report
    • Reviewed and approved FY2012 NGTO operating budget
    It was another very productive board meeting and I want to thank all the guys on the board who volunteer their time and talents to make NGTO run so smoothly and for making NGTO an effective and well managed 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. And one more sincere thank you to Marty and Glad for all they did yetersday for the team. They both worked very hard to host and feed us and their hospitality will never be forgotten.
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    Great report Clark. Thanks for all you guys do for NGTO.....and you all deserved a little stream time for all your hard work.

    Props to Marty and Glad for being such generous and gracious hosts.
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      Thanks for all of the efforts by the BOD and the Chief Officer.

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        I think the BOD is doing a fantastic job. From the users end, this board runs a lot more smoothly than almost any I have been on and is more of a community than any i have ever even heard of. That does not just happen.
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          Originally posted by scallen2112 View Post
          From the users end, this board runs a lot more smoothly than almost any I have been on and is more of a community than any i have ever even heard of.

          I believe this is a reflection of our active, involved members. I have learned from people making their first 1-3 posts; it's that willingness to participate that makes this virtual place a community.
          Here's hoping we continue to be a community.

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            Thanks to all BOD members for making this such a great forum and community.
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              Thanks for all you guys do.
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