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2011 NGTO Hall of Fame Inductees

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  • 2011 NGTO Hall of Fame Inductees

    It was my honor today to announce the newest inductees into the NGTO Hall of Fame. All of these individuals have made significant contributions over the years helping NGTO acheive it's mission statement. The Board of Directors would like to thank these individuals for their willingness to serve others and for their part in making NGTO a very special community of like minded anglers.

    Congratulations to the NGTO Hall of Fame Class of 2011:

    Terry Creech
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    Buck Henry
    Simple Goat Herder
    Former NGTO President
    Hall of Fame Member

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    Congrats to all. All are very deserving of the honor. Had a great time today at the fling. Thanks to Buck and the gang.
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      I shan't say "congratulations" to all the inductees. There's no need to congratulate such an induction. I have, in my short time on the forum here and in only two "Fling" events, seen what mettle makes up such men as were inducted today.

      My hat is off and I bow in deep reverence to your contributions to the continued success of NGTO. Y'all are what makes a backlit webpage feel like home. A cold winter on the horizon is tempered by the warm hearth that is NGTO because of folks of your caliber.

      Congratulations ain't the word. The proper way to put it is, "Thank you."

      to all y'all!
      If you have difficulty understanding the post above, read it out loud and it should make sense. This NGTO member is known for his poor hill-billy upbringing and his affinity for all things from Louisiana (particularly if it relates to LSU). It makes for a poor mix of accents and much difficulty in translation. He was doing well for so long, but now seems to have regressed.


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        Gee, Mark, whatever could you have been doing at 12:38 am this morning???? Congrats to the big cats. I wished for a tight, close game. I hope the BCS's heads explode!

        On a more serious note, as our eloquent swamp maven points out, our inductees did not win a popularity contest. They were chosen by dint of their contributions to NGTO's mission. And these people have done that selflessly and consistently.

        I am proud to know them and to be associated with them.

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          To this Fall's class! The money and fame are tough to beat once you make the HOF!

          Support the Mission Statement - buy the TU License Plate!


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            Hats off to all the inductees, much deserved by all.
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              Congrat's to all that were inducted into the HOF..It is certainly a great honor to be recognized in this way by such a fine organization...Well deserved by all!!

              Thanks for your ongoing contributions - Tight lines!!

              Tight lines!!



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                Woah! Thanks for the induction! Unlike a lot of the other HOF members, I'm not even in GA, but before I moved, I had the opportunity to meet a number of NGTO members, visit a few flings, and even fish with a few of them before I moved away.

                I appreciate NGTO, perhaps even more so now that I can't fish north GA. I miss my rhododendron-covered creeks and the opportunity to chase 6 in long brookies without feeling like I have to toss them on the banks. The Chattachoochee will always have a special place in my heart from the dam to Jones Bridge, to Cochran Shoals.

                The offer always stands for NGTO members: if you find yourself up this way for a fishing trip, budget in a few hours after your fishing day is over for smoked ribs, baked beans, and southern buttermilk biscuits at our place and you're always welcome!

                Thanks again to all the members of NGTO for making this a good community.

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                  Thank you all so much. I guess I'll have to try and conduct myself accordingly now. Think the fish will be impressed?
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                    Originally posted by terry creech View Post
                    Thank you all so much. I guess I'll have to try and conduct myself accordingly now. Think the fish will be impressed?
                    I'm sure they will be. We'll make them up some little cards to give them before you release them. They can take them back to their fishy friends to prove they didn't fall prey to just any ol' fisherman, but a genuine HAF member.
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                      Congrats to all!!
                      I think fishnbub may be the youngest inductee ever, and the son half of the only father/son duo. I don't know of a more deserving bunch!

                      Terry, the fish will now bow to your prowess and prestige!
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                        Congrats to all - well deserved.

                        Does this mean I finally have to tell fishinbub about my secret fishin' hole?

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                          When is the ceremony where we get to hold a statue of a saint in one hand and burn the piece of paper in the other...something about "Il morte..."?

                          Seriously, I cannot begin to express how humbled I am to have been chosen. In the future, I will endeavor to take a more active participatory role so I can meet and fish with some of you guys. Congrats to the other inductees and thanks again for the special honor.

                          And, Tim, yes, now you have to empty your bag of secrets for Sam. You have every right to be a proud father. Good work raisin' that young' un!

                          Thanks again and

                          Tight Lines!



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                            Wow, totally unexpected. As others have said before, I'm humbled by the honor.


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                              Congrats to all the other inductees. It's a real honor to have been selected, especially with this particular group of inductees. Several of you have helped me behind the scenes with various things from school, to general fishing stuff, and even some free gear when I was just getting started. I really appreciate all the help you guys have offered, and it's an honor to be a part of such fine group of folks...
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