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Fall 2015 BOD Update

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    NGTO was - and remains - in good hands. Thank you to all the BOD members who are stepping down and those who are stepping up. Thanks to Bret (we forget he has a name his mother might recognize) for holding the reins for four years (was it really four??? Time flies...).

    Here's to more years of serving the interweb-enabled, trout-fishing community of North Georgia - and beyond.
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      Originally posted by Trout8myfly View Post
      ... for holding the reins for four years (was it really four??? Time flies...).
      Actually three years, but it sure does seem like four!

      From this former Prez / washed up relic; A big thanks to the outgoing Prez for a job well done and congrats to incoming Prez and new BOD member. You guys have big shoes to fill. I am serious, have you seen the size of GB's foot!
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        I stand corrected. I thought I started as president in the Spring of that year, not the fall.
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          Add my thanks and Well Wishes to all. NGTO is the standard that all other message boards are measured by, and it's due to the leadership we have and have had in the past.
          Makes me proud to call myself a member!

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            Thanks and congrats all around. Proud to be associated with this crew.
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              Exaulted Prez,

              GB,GB,GB, does not seem that long. Good work and luck to the new "Prez". TRW


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                Congrats and thanks for the great service to the organization by all stepping in and stepping down.

                Much appreciated.