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MUST READ - Happy Thanksgiving Surprise!

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  • MUST READ - Happy Thanksgiving Surprise!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I know the rivers are high, the wind is blowing and that not many of us are fishing today - but, if you are reading this you have a lot to be thankful for today.

    Tomorrow (pretty early) the BOD will have a special announcement that you won't want to miss, so wake up early, skip Black Friday, grab some coffee and check the board, you won't be sorry (at least not sorry about skipping Black Friday)

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving...

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    So excited!

    Message sent from your mom's bedroom during pillow talk

    Buck Henry
    Simple Goat Herder
    Former NGTO President
    Hall of Fame Member


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      Haha exactly my thoughts Buck Henry
      _yero on instagram


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        I think I am going to stay up all night. I hope the surprise is that you talked the COE into releasing at night and you drove to Alabama and brought back the 2000 fish from Tuesday and are going to put them in at the dam.

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