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2015 NGTO Hall Of Fame Inductions (Must Read)

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    Thank You BOD. This is a real honor and I am very honored. Thanks for all the kind comments from the other NGTO Family Members. I have made some wonderful friends over the years through NGTO. NGTO is so sharing with their knowledge and I'm proud to be a member. I would like to congratulate the other inductees. Great Choices. You guys promote the sport to the highest degree. Georgia has a wonderful Trout resource. Be thankful. I think we are one of the largest online trout fishing Organizations in the US. We have National and International Ranked Members. That speaks Volume.

    Anyway if you are a new member or a lurker. We will help you up your game and you just may find yourself linked on the stream with a World Champion Trout Fisher. Spin or fly we don't care, most of us do both.

    Ask your questions, we answer all the questions. We have heard all the questions. Jump in, once you learn the answer just jump n and pay it forward. We are big on Pay it forward

    Thank You again BOD.

    New Years resolution. Become a NGTO Member. The stronger we get the more influence we have to promote our sport
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      Congratulations to all!
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        Thumbs up!
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          Congrats to everyone. As still a "newer" member and a lurker for quite some time, I have to say remoh had helped me with quite a few things. This place is just phenomenal. The pay it forward deal is a must. I still do have a vice that is going to be donated to Steve Hudson. (I promise I haven't forgotten about you!) But everyone here is much deserving of this prestigious award. Congrats again!


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            Thank y'all very much.

            This has been a great resource for me over the years, and I have made some fantastic friends on here.

            Here's to keeping our waters clean, safe and bountiful, and to NGTO!


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              ...Congrats and a hearty Thanks!! to all the new inductees...!!

              ...a fine class...!