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2015 NGTO Hall Of Fame Inductions (Must Read)

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  • 2015 NGTO Hall Of Fame Inductions (Must Read)

    Yesterday afternoon, RScott mentioned that there was a "Must Read" post coming out from the BOD. Well, this is it. We have some unfinished business from the ghost of Fall Fling 2015.

    Each year, at the Fall Fling, several members of the NGTO community are inducted into the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, the Fall Fling scheduled for November 7th was canceled due to the incessant rains that flooded the Buford Hatchery grounds and continued pounding the area on the day of the fling. Because of this, we thought it only fitting to make the public announcement regarding this year's inductees public here on the NGTO message board and on our Facebook page.

    This honor of being added to the role of the NGTO Hall of Fame is not bestowed lightly or flippantly. Each and every new inductee is first submitted for consideration of this honor to the BOD by one of the directors, a member of our Advisory Board, or by one or more members who have noticed something special about how an individual interacts with others and contributes to the message board and the overall success of NGTO.

    Upon compiling a list of potential inductees, the BOD discusses each candidate at length and after a thorough discussion ballots are cast.

    Being inducted into the NGTO Hall of Fame is an honor bestowed upon those who are deserving of such recognition, and the following four inductees were deemed worthy of this honor.

    2015 NGTO Hall of Fame Inductee Mike "Lewdogg" Lewis, has been a contributing member of the NGTO message board for eight years. Lewdogg is one of the more versatile members of our board who excels at both cold water and warm water fisheries. He is our resident expert at interpreting the various Chattahoochee river gauges. Mike brings some great fish stories (backed by photo evidence), plain talk, and a level head to the board. He also has one of the cutest Mini-me's you will ever lay eyes on. Mike is starting out his miniature doppleganger on the right foot by bringing him out to take part in events such as this past Tuesday's "Bucket Brigade" to stock trout at Palisades/Whitewater Creek on the Chattahoochee DH section.

    2015 NGTO Hall of Fame Inductee Remoh, known off line as Bern Maxwell, is one of NGTO's more prolific members. Although he now resides in that state to our west (known by some members as "Alabamastan") Remoh remains active on the message board here at NGTO with posts regarding fishing along the coast, in the marshes, and in the bayous of southern Alabama, and with photos and recipes of some of his scrumptious southern cooking. Don't let it get past you that Remoh has been the recipient of an Iron Skillet Award at an NGTO Fling. This speaks volumes for his culinary talent.

    Bern also has a hair trigger when it comes to welcoming a new member, or offering a virtual high-five for a good fish report. But what Remoh is probably best known for are his stream of consciousness posts. Always entertaining, encouraging, and positive, Bern "Remoh" Maxwell is a true original.

    2015 NGTO Hall of Fame Inductees Glad and Marty Simmons have come to hold a very dear place in the heart of any and every NGTOer who has been privileged to meet them. Many trout aficionados have visited the little slice of heaven known as Fern Valley, one of NGTO's great sponsors since February 2011. If you are such a person then you have also met two of the nicest people ever to grace our little message board. Marty Simmons, and his better half, Glad (better known as Fern Valley Girl) offer premier hospitality and world class fishing with southern grace and style, and bring a wonderful touch of class to the trout bums that populate the forums.

    Their affiliation with NGTO doesn't stop at sponsorship, but goes ever deeper into establishing strong and abiding friendships with NGTO and our members by attending every Spring and Fall Fling and spending time getting to personally meet and get to know NGTO members in a way that only their endearing smiles could bring about.

    Please be sure to congratulate these new Hall of Fame members. Each of them are well deserving of the honor for their contributions to NGTO via the message board forums and their real world action furthering the causes of NGTO as stated in our mission statement.
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    Congrats to you four, each well deserving of the honor bestowed upon you!

    Now you can charge that much more for your autograph!

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      Wow, this is one super fine inductee class! Congrats to Lewdogg, Remoh, and Marty and Gadd (aka the Prince & Princess of Fern Falley). They are all very deserving of this honor.

      PS: well played BOD!

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        Well earned honors for this years class, congrats to Mike, Berne and Marty & Glad.....


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          Congratulations to you all. Very much deserved!!!

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            Congrats to y'all. Well deserved.
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              Great group of inductees! Congratulations!
              Those sure are puurrtty stars


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                Congrats to a well deserved class of individuals. All 4 are great ambassadors of the sport and NGTO.

                You gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie.


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                  A bumper crop of HOF inductees! And all major contributors to our sport and the mission of NGTO.

                  Way to go folks!

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                    Congrats to all! As a past HOF inductee, I'm humbled each year to be included in such a fine group of members.

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                      Congratulations to the newest HOF inductee's!!
                      Tight lines!!



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                        Congrats Remoh, Lewdogg, Glad and Marty!


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                          Oh my... what a nice surprise, and we're humbly grateful for this recognition. North Georgia Trout Online (NGTO) has been really good to us; we appreciation the camaraderie, friendships, and support of this angling community.

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                            Originally posted by fishnpreacher View Post
                            Congrats to all! As a past HOF inductee, I'm humbled each year to be included in such a fine group of members.
                            What he said. Congrats to all; a great group of inductees.

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                              All very deserving. Congrats!
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