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  • River's Edge Outfitters - Cherokee NC - Check Them Out

    I was the fortunate one at our NGTO Fall Fling to win the trip for a 1/2 day guided trip with River's Edge Outfitters (REO) Joey Walraven (owner) and his staff have been fantastic to work with. I paid an upgrade fee to add Teresa to my 1/2 day wade trip. We had a wonderful time with Brandon on Tuesday. Teresa was putting them in the next for the first 30 minutes.
    I had some equipment issues - had my Syndicate 10ft 3wt, and was unable to cast the distance I needed to reach where the trout were holding. The nypmphing rod and a nymphing line didn't handle an indicator very well. Brandon asked if I wanted to try one of his rods. I said sure, I have nothing to lose by doing so.
    Brandon brought back his Randolph DXF 10ft, 4wt, and reel with WF4F. Within a few casts, I was where I needed to be in the feeding zones/lanes. I hooked into a great rainbow easily in the 20" range. I played it for several minutes and thought I had gotten it worn down enough to bring it back into netting range with Brandon. We had a couple leaps out of water and then the head shakes - I survived Round 1 - Round 2 - I got schooled. Rainbow jumped, shook it heads and I was too tight on the line and bink - that god awful sound when you know you lost the fish. Here's the real butt kicker - I got it to eat a second time and I broke it off on the hook-up/hook set. As Homer Simpson says 'Dooooohhhh!!"
    Brandon did a great job and it's me who couldn't close the deal and bring my 50% to the table to net that fish. Live and learn - and that fish is still in my head.
    I got back to REO and then told the guys I was buying myself a Christmas present. I bought a 10ft 3wt Douglas, a Redington Rise (large arbor) and put a Rio Mainstream Trout WF3F line on it.
    As if my wallet didn't take a big enough hit - there are some fly tying items at 50% off. So yes - bought me some and am tempted on Friday to look at it again.
    Joey checked in with me to make sure everything was ok with Tuesday's trip. I said yes - to the point that we want to fish with Brandon again on Friday.
    REO is the shop I use exclusively when I'm in Cherokee. I've always been taken well care of. Never have I had the experience of not being welcomed or the assumptions I was there shopping for my husband or anyone else. I've been treated and respected like the fly fisher that I am. I don't believe either of us sees "female" in any part of the equation.
    As Joey said: "Hope we can do some more stuff with the NGTO gang".
    He's certainly a great Sponsor in my experiences with REO.

    "Not every Soldier is a Joe"

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