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2/15 Problem Solving Clinic at Alpharetta Outfitters

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  • 2/15 Problem Solving Clinic at Alpharetta Outfitters

    Have you ever walked into a stream, opened your fly box, and realized you were about to guess at what to use, where to target fish to be most productive, and what technique you should be using. I remember being there many times and it took hundreds of hours of on stream experience before I felt better about my decision making.

    Gordon Vanderpool and I will be guiding you through the decision making process based on the conditions you face every time you walk in a stream to give you the best odds to consistently catch fish.

    Whether you are new to the sport or seasoned this is a class that you should take something away from. This will be a classroom type setting with questions welcomed and participation encouraged.

    Date: February 15, 2018
    Time: 6:30 PM to 8:30 or 9:30 depending on questions
    Location: Alpharetta Outfitters
    Cost: $30

    Please contact Alpharetta Outfitters to register 678-762-0027

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    I hope to see a bunch of you at the clinic. This is your opportunity to pick the brain of a couple of guys who catch a decent amount of fish.

    If you ever go to fish and are not sure what decisions to make based on the conditions this clinic is for you. You will be provided a roadmap to follow to increase your odds to consistently catch fish no matter what stream you are on.

    Use Promo Code NGTO for 5% off


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      I signed up for this at Fern and while the on-stream portion was great, the info and the ability to simply ask ANY question - whether it deals with wild streams, Tailwaters, the uniqueness of the Hooch, pressure - was well worth the time and $money$. These two know what they are doing and are happy to share.
      I might also add that both of them are really good educators. They both communicate information in a way that easily understood, they use multiple examples and view points, and answer questions completely and honestly. If they don't know the answer (unlikely) they will let you know.
      It's a good time to hang out with a few like minded folks trying to get better, as well!


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        Looking forward to it T!
        "If you aren`t fishing out West.... well you`re just plain fishing"


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          Looking forward to this class! The BigT/Vanderpool duo are always a wealth of knowledge and entertaining to say the least!