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gau16 11-15-17 10:44 PM

Drake/Orvis Podcasts, Favorite Magazine?
This might already be known but Drake magazine has a pretty good podcast I've been listening to on the commute to and from work.

It has some nice info, stories and is well done to keep you interested.

Check it out here.

Another one is from Orvis and Tom Rosenbauer. Honestly, I haven't listened to these yet but worth a mention since its from Orvis and they seem to do a great job with most educational things in general.

On another note.. Anyone subscribe to either Drake or Fly Fish Journal. Both look extremely well done and I will probably get one or the other soon.

Any other fly fishing media to suggest?

Never can get enough...

TroutTackler 11-15-17 11:50 PM

The Flyfish Journal is great, and if you want the best of the best, Gray's Sporting Journal. Awesome stories, art, and photography.

Alexander.Foti 11-16-17 12:02 AM

Orvis podcasts are the best resource out there for learning to fish...just look up a topic you have interest in (streamers, redfish, whatever) and you will gain a ton of classroom knowledge. Still have to apply I️t correctly on the water but just an awesome way to advance your skills.

I️ like the southern culture on the fly ezine and gink and gasoline has good post as well.

ferrulewax 11-16-17 12:24 AM

I Love the drake, but it is not a tips and tricks magazine ala Fly-Fisherman. Mostly reflective artsy pieces with the funny or sad and whatnot pieces thrown in. I would encourage you pick at least one copy up and see how you like it. I would say that the drake is more about fly fishing lifestyle than it is actual fly fishing.

Stinkbait 11-16-17 07:17 PM

Try out this podcast:

Each runs almost 90 minutes. Hopefully too long for your commute. I save them for longer drives and walks. 260 in the archives which you can access for free for 30 days with a trial membership and then for a reasonable one-time fee. Use the search feature and start with Henry Cowen's

gau16 11-17-17 12:54 PM

Thanks for all the feedback.

I do like the Lifestyle concepts of FFJ and Drake mag. Like most hobbies or interest, fly fishing is more than just about catching fish.

Forgot about New Fly Fisher. So many old episodes on YouTube. Fun to watch/fall asleep to.

The Ole Man 11-17-17 11:24 PM

Southern Trout Newsletter --Free

The Oct/Nov edition has a great article on Lefty Kreh. Has a photo of Lefty in his WW II uniform. You won't recognize him. Get all the past editions via the Archives. Also has an Ozarks and a Saltwater edition.

TroutTackler 12-14-17 04:16 PM

If you're looking for how-to articles, American Angler is the best for that.

WadingThroughLife 12-14-17 04:59 PM

back issues of Revive are amazing and free too:

For fly fishing writing and stories, there's a really rad one called the Fly Tapes.

X2 on the Drake podcast and SCOF digital mags.

also, i saw one of these and liked it. gotta pay for older ones:

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