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Big T 12-31-16 01:02 PM

Big T's Shaggy Mop
Taking a mop fly to another level. The buggy-ness of this variation almost moves it from junk status to natural.

Prowler 12-31-16 05:27 PM

I like it! Good work as usual T.

WesMac 01-01-17 10:03 AM

Nice looking mop variant! Great video as always!

splatek16 01-02-17 07:37 AM

Great looking mop variant.
Such a simple, yet effective fly to tie.

HILLIS LANIER 01-02-17 03:48 PM

Big T I believe these are the mops you tied for me. They should be called producers because they do work. My grandkids caught several trout last week after the bucket brigade at Whitewater fishing only with your shaggy mop, I caught several on the Ami and at Smith Creek with this fly. Green, tan, brown all have produced.

zug buggin 01-09-17 06:38 PM

Very nice tye T, that thing looks like it could crawl away

Da Riffler 03-17-17 09:48 PM

This has been one of most productive flies I have ever used! Thank you so much T for the great videos! Keeps me spending money at your shop fo sho😎

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