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Dawg Vet 01-22-17 12:03 AM

Where did all of the comp talk go?
I was just wondering where all of the Euro/comp discussion went? I notice that there is much less here on NGTO and also the Trout Legend message board is now a ghost town. I was really enjoying learning these new-to-me techniques but seem to have lost the crowd. Did most of the comp guys move to another message board or what? Just wondering.

Big T 01-22-17 07:24 AM

The last several years the Trout Legend site/league was the place almost every comp was organized through. Early last year there were leadership changes and some decisions made that a lot of league members disagreed with and it basically imploded.

Look for a more grass roots southeastern league to form soon with no league fees etc. just folks who enjoy busting each other's chops and fishing.

Talk may or may not increase then, however there are those who hate comp fishing on the forum so some competitors are less likely to bring much up in regards to it.

splatek16 01-22-17 09:16 AM

After watching a little the dead drift cup yesterday is me interested in learning more about comps. Could be fun

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2fly 01-22-17 11:28 AM

Yeah, like T said, keep an eye out as we are going back to our roots so to speak. Troutlegend lost it's way unfortunately but I made a great many friends across the East thanks to it. I will get up there to fish with those guys this year.

Buck Henry 01-22-17 11:37 AM

I miss Ben V. He and I were such good friends. :)

Dtroutmann 01-22-17 10:10 PM

Check out

Blueridgeflies 01-27-17 03:24 AM

The comp guys are still out there but it is really quiet over all though. A few teams have disappeared, but there are still others in the background carrying on and growing. A big part in addition to the issue with the league though, is some folks got burnt out and a lot went to college.

Those wanting to learn more though, feel free to give me a holler though. I might not get out as much as I did, but I still try to find time to help as I can.

Raven15 01-30-17 12:56 PM

exactly what big t said..

at one point several years ago, there were several comps a month. i remember fishing a comp in georgia on saturday, driving to nc on sunday and fishing another one. now, there might be a handful in a year.

troutlegend was growing by leaps and bounds several years ago..and then some incredibly bad decisions were made and the league has pretty much folded. don't really want to get into the decisions that were made, let's just say they were on an epic scale in the stupidity range.

hopefully someone will get it all going again. it was great for the sport and great for the south especially. miss those days.

benvan 05-03-17 08:38 PM

Still around barely...but
Still your friend Buck...😆

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