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splatek16 11-09-17 09:32 PM

Tuck DH
Anyone been fishing the Tuck DH waters?
I might be up that way beginning of December. In fact, will be there Friday, December 1.
Was hoping to hop in the water and catch a few. The Tuck DH is where I got my first taste of FlyFishing thanks to a wonderful gift from my GF. We are heading back for an Xmas party in asheville, but she's made plans to stop in Sylva area the day before so I could revisit those waters after having learned a thing or two.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

JOHNKIES 11-10-17 11:29 AM

The DH and other stocked waters in North Carolina right now hang on delivery of enough magic markers from Staples to color up all those shiners they raise in the hatchery to look like rainbows, browns and brookies! I understand the brookies are the toughest for the hatchery workers to color up due to the complex colors and getting that leading white edge on each fin is sometimes a prickly business.

1908 11-10-17 01:30 PM

I imagine that a lot of the action will depend on the actions of Duke Energy when you are up there but you probably already knew that. I would not be surprised if Drifter is up at the Happy Trout Lodge a day or 2 after thanksgiving and could probably give though a first hand bird's eye review of the conditions from his front porch.

I floated it with him back in October and it was a slow day but that means nothing obviously as far as conditions in a few weeks go.

Shoot him a PM when you get a chance.

yaker 11-14-17 09:17 AM

Wading with West Fork release
Before I drive 2 hours Id like to confirm that, for example, the 1/4 mile stretch above Webster bridge is wadeable with studded boots during the 1 rise from West Fork release. I was up there once when the water came up and it nearly swept me away. Thus the studded boots. Looks to me like East fork release results in 1.3 rise while a West Fork release is a 1 rise based on the Cullowhee gauge.

andymoore 11-14-17 09:33 AM

Fishing it this weekend. Will let you know!

Baldy 11-14-17 02:05 PM

Yep, I would try to get a hold of Drifter. Any body know where he is?

splatek16 11-14-17 02:46 PM

Thanks y'all

THE EG 11-14-17 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by Baldy (Post 887705)
Yep, I would try to get a hold of Drifter. Any body know where he is?

Last I heard he couldn't remember his password. :rolleyes:

1908 11-14-17 04:54 PM


Originally Posted by THE EG (Post 887718)
Last I heard he couldn't remember his password. :rolleyes:

Bingo! and I don't think he's in a particular hurry to remember it. If you would like, I will publish E.G's personal cell # here and you can text him so he can text Drifter and relay messages.

That is if E.G's text ability is functioning or not ::ke:

andymoore 11-26-17 10:22 PM

Floated for 3 days near Bryson City. Fishing was very good. I believe they were releasing water all 3 days. Many fish to the net including my personal best rainbow trout on the last spot on the last day! Not sure it they will be stocking any more fish before you go up. I caught most fish on junk, but they may be wising up to the onslaught of eggs by the time you make it up there.

Tight lines!

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