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HNeal 03-29-99 06:43 PM

I'm going to be taking my 8 year old son fishing this weekend, they just moved to L'ville. Anybody got suggestions where a little boy could dunk a few worms from the bank and stand a chance of catching something? (He likes catching!)

Michael 03-30-99 11:00 AM

You might give Charlie Elliott a try. I have not been but understand there is some good Brim fishing. Another suggestion would be the trout farm at GA HWY 20 and the Hooch just out of Sugar Hill. I have a six year old step daughter and I struggle with where to take her because if we dont catch a fish at least every 10 minutes, we are as she says "wasteing our time". The problem is her fathers parents have three stocked ponds on thier property (how do I compete with that) We should try to get the kids together sometime and take them to the Trout farm. Perhaps one of us should post a message and get several people together one weekend.

KB 03-30-99 11:37 AM

Try Tribble Mill Park. There are a couple of nice lookin lakes there. I've never been fished there but I plan on trying.
Also the lake at stone mountain is good. There are a lot of nice Bluegill and some nice Largemouth in there too.

Rod 03-30-99 12:47 PM

Righy oh kb--tribble mill is excellent---take the youngster to any of the "docks" around the large or small pond and he'll catch his fill--take your Fly rod as well---I've seen 10lb b****pulled out of there--I never hardly fish for the b****cause the crappy and brim fishing is so much dang fun.

HNeal 03-31-99 08:56 AM

Thanks guys! We'll give Tribble Mill a try, it sounds just like what I was looking for. The Message Board comes through again.

Windknot 03-31-99 09:54 AM


I live near Tribble Mill, and hit it frequently. When the bluegill gods are smiling, a red wiggler will light up a kid's face. And like Rod said, the docks are great locations. For bass, subtle is better than noisy. They've seen most available lures. On a weekend, your son is liable to meet lots of dogs (and their owners), and a horse or two. Be advised that the redneck factor is subject to sudden rise and violent turbulence. Small boat - yes. No inflatables, darn it.

Another option is Collins Hill park (Collins Hill Rd, N. of L'ville). Park at the basketball court and walk uphill - it's the dam.

For a third, the Fort Yargo State Park is out Hwy 316 a ways, and sits between 316 & Hwy 8. I've never fished there, but I've heard good things about it.

My oldest grandchild is 5, and I've already girded my loins and wallet to follow Michael's suggestion about the Hwy 20 trout emporium. It's the only guarantee I know of!

Hope you and the boy have fun.


Rod 03-31-99 11:26 AM

Once again--here, here on Collins Hill.
Great fishing for many, many species--worms, flies whatever. Also, if you play ball--the games are gen. really friendly at CH and the skill level is JuCo.--Love playing there when not fishing---do more fishing than playing now.

NightOwl 03-31-99 12:39 PM

Clear water at these locals? If , so wold anyone be willing to Email me directions to a few of them ?? Thanks

sniffing around for ba$$

Windknot 04-02-99 01:11 PM


Call Gwinnett Parks & Recreation at 770/822-8840. They will cheerfully fax or mail you directions. Depending on who's in the office, you may get a fishing report, too.

Regarding your "clear water" question - Tribble Mill, the smaller (or upper) lake is much deeper and clearer than the larger. The downside is no inflatables allowed, and it is a 100yd. portage, so I guess your jon boat wouldn't be suitable. Unless you make friends with a horse rider……………..


William McClendon 04-02-99 02:22 PM

Went by Fort Yargo the other day. It's only minutes from work (wish I could trade it with Marben). It's a 260 acre lake that looks great. Doesn't look like there is much in the way of bank fishing, but there were some spots. The water is way down right now (no idea why). They allow boats with up to 10 hp. Didn't say anything blatantly about no float tubes, but I'm pretty sure it's a no. Wading is only allowed at the beaches. Anyone fish this place? Helpful hints are very welcomed.

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