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HYDEMASTER 08-09-10 10:03 AM

Toccoa River Watch Thread!
Water temp on the tailwater was 70 degrees at my place yesterday.
I'm a couple of miles below dam... just above railroad trussel. This is not good!

Becky Hulsey 08-09-10 01:35 PM

Thanks "Hydemaster" for the information.

I spoke with someone at TVA about your findings. It was suggested in order for the information to be useful for TVA and Georgia DNR, they need what type of thermometer was used, where in the water column was it obtained, and where on the river (tailwater landmark) along with the temperature.

You can shoot an email to this address with your findings. I hope other interested people will do the same.

Here is a link to the Blue Ridge Dam Rehabilitation website:

It might not hurt to shoot Wayne Probst (Regional Fisheries Supervisor) an email too at

You are right. This doesn't look good with an ongoing heat wave. As we prayed for rain, we might need to pray for cooler temps.

Becky Hulsey
Co-Chair Toccoa River Watershed Committee

Adawe 08-09-10 06:32 PM

Water temp at Horseshoe Bend
On Friday and Sunday my readings were 64 degrees. I used a Fishpond thermometer for the readings.

TSU NA GA 08-09-10 07:25 PM

I am headed up to our cabin tomorrow to do some lawn work, and was curious if the releases are going non stop during the week. May take the rod if I can catch low tide...

rickster 08-11-10 02:04 PM

water temp
I fished last Friday from Curtis Switch to McCaysville and the water temp was at 64 degrees at several different spots. Taken just below the surface.


Becky Hulsey 08-11-10 07:03 PM

Update on the Toccoa River Drawdown
After hearing of rising water temps on the tailwater, I contacted Georgia DNR (specifically John Damer). John responded to my concern with this reply:

Becky, We are aware of the rising temps in the tailwater. We made our concerns known to TVA last week during Thursday's (8/5/10) DNR/TVA teleconference. TVA has been sending data to us on a weekly basis since the start of the drawdown, as per our agreement summarized in their final EA. Since the start of the drawdown, we have seen a fairly steady increase in water temperatures at a rate of close to 0.5*C per day. As of 8/5/10, we noted that if this trend of rising water temperatures continued at its current rate, we could see 20 degree water on or around August 10th, and 22 degree water by around the 15th. We sent our data to TVA and relayed our concerns to them about potential damage to the trout fishery in the Toccoa Tailwater. Based on the water temperature at the Low Level Outlet (already at 19*C on the 26th, releasing from here was not an option), the only option that was readily apparent to us (DNR) was to slow or halt the drawdown until cooler temperatures resume. We also relayed this suggestion to TVA. Thus far, TVA has not taken our suggestion to slow or halt the drawdown. TVA is scheduled to reduce the rate of draw from around one foot per day to around three feet per week, beginning this Friday (the 13th). We (DNR) do not have a hydrologist on staff, but we think there may be some chance of slightly cooler water releases when this happens, but we are not sure (has to do with the hydrodynamics around the intake, and how/where water is being drawn from). I'm sure that you and others will probably have more questions. Feel free to send them my way. John DamerFisheries Biologist, Region IGA DNR, Wildlife Resources DivisionP.O. Box 519Calhoun, GA 30703

We are very fortunate to have John and GA DNR working diligently for the tailwater fishery.

As of today, I noticed TVA has decreased the amount of generation during the day and looks to continue over the next three days. I don't know with the continued heat wave exactly what will occur, but, plan to reach out to GA DNR to keep us updated about findings.

Buck Henry 08-11-10 10:12 PM

Toccoa River Watch Thread!
Toccoa River Watch

This thread is being created to serve as a place for all of us to track the developments on the Toccoa tailwater as they occur regarding the Lake Blue ridge draw-down and resulting threat to the Toccoa river fishery.

This is not a place to vent about the drawdown, argue about river access rights, etc. The purpose of this thread is to allow us to exchange and relate current information so that we might stay informed on the realities of the situation and be better prepared to deal with and assist in helping to preserve this and similar fisheries in the future.

Please post your streamside observations, temperature data, etc in this thread so that we can have a consolidated source of information to refer to. The health of one of one of Georgia's great tailwaters is at stake here and we need to stay informed and share information so that we can better influence and assist with decisions concerning this and future lake draw downs.

Adawe 08-12-10 06:21 AM

Water temp at Horseshoe Bend
On Wed at Horseshoe Bend the water temp was 73 at 2:30 pm.

Dragonfly Man 08-12-10 07:49 AM

I did an Adopt-A-Steam analysis last Sunday (and plan to do so periodically during the dam repairs) just to have another set of eyes on river conditions independent from the TVA monitoring. The testing was done at my place on Hogback and everything looked in a good range for trout so far. Although the trend doesn't look favorable, let's hope for the best. The following is the data I recorded.

John Pool

Date: 08/08/10
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Air Temp. 30 c 86 f
Water Temp. 18 c 64.4 f
Dissolved Oxy 8 ppm
pH 6.5
Flow 1,615 cfs

clewis1014 08-12-10 02:48 PM

The draw was halted today from 7am until 3pm (per the TVA’s web site last night) I really do want to fish and even thought of taking a “sick day” but I do not know if the fish will do well after release (with the warm temps and all). Yea, I know, I gotta catch em first. A swag on my part of the variation in temps are due to the angle of the light/ penetration into the water, time of day ect. The mean is just too close to push it imho. Hay! I sound like a trout hugger!

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