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fishing603 05-25-12 10:45 AM

Beginner Fly Tying
What do yall think would be an adequate beginner tying kit? I've seen quite a few different companies who make these "beginner kits" but I want to get the most bang for my buck, but also looking to stay in the range of +/- $100.

Any tips or hints would be much appreciated! Thanks

fishnpreacher 05-25-12 11:33 AM

I'm not sure of the price but Unicoi Outfitters, (one our fine sponsors), used to build kits for tyers. It used the materials that you would need to tie flies specific to this area, and those materials were top shelf, not seconds like some kits include. Check out their website

Coach 05-25-12 11:57 AM

The last time I was in Unicoi Outfitters. They had one ready to go. I second fishnpreacher on the quality of their stuff. Top notch.

W. Donald Newton 05-29-12 06:13 PM

Do not buy a kit, unless ...
... the guys at Unicoi make one up specifically for your needs. Invest your money in a quality tools and vicse. Then purchase only those materials to tye the flies you want to tye. Do one or two patterns per week and build your experience. If possible, take a fly-tying course, well worth the fee for the shortened learning curve.

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