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Windknot 02-21-14 05:32 PM

Wading Safety Info - Don't Become A Statistic!
See which is a multi-page thread.

Bottom line - Wading safety has to be in your mind at all times. There are general rules-of-thumb which are worth remembering, but equally valuable in that link are a set of five videos that cover (graphically):
- Where to wade,
- How to wade,
- What Tools to use that assist you in wading, and
- Scenarios you may not have thought about!
[I've trout fished for a long, long time, and I learned a bunch of new things from these videos.]

In winter, wading boo boos can become deadly. Dry clothes can save your life.

Rules of Thumb
1. Don't panic!
2. If you step into water over your waders, raise your feet and point them downstream.
3. If you have water in your waders you will probably not be able to stand up as you near shore. Lower the wader top to let water out.
4. Prevention is the best way to avoid having a really bad day.

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