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random_lengths 11-02-17 09:36 AM

Chattooga DH stocking
Just a heads up... the Chattooga DH is being helicopter stocked today. Lots of big, pretty brood fish in the mix. It has already been truck stocked once.

And a reminder: there is no boating allowed through the DH section at any time, at any flow level. Boaters must take out at Thrifts Lake and may put in at the Hwy 28 bridge. If you have any conflicts with boaters - or any other user group - please report it to the US Forest Service, at either the Walhalla, SC; Tallulah Falls, GA; or Franklin, NC offices.

Prowler 11-02-17 09:45 AM

WHOOHOO!!!!!! I know where I will be headed in the near future :)

The Snag Whisperer 11-02-17 10:52 AM

Does the fact they they are helicopter stocking imply that is is being stocked further up from the 28 bridge, but below BF?

random_lengths 11-02-17 11:02 AM

Today's stocking is for the DH section only. There will be a helicopter stocking of the section between Burrells Ford and Reed Creek later this year. It is made up of smaller "put and grow" fish.

andymoore 11-02-17 11:53 AM


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random_lengths 11-03-17 08:17 AM

This is a plug for those that make the helicopter stocking on the Chattooga River possible and some ways you can help....

The fish are provided by both the GA DNR and the SC DNR. If you would like to support the GA DNR, buy a TU license plate. The proceeds go straight to the DNR on top of their regular budget, not into the state's general fund.

The US Forest Service provides the helicopter and crew to do the stocking. The helicopter and pilot are under contract with the FS and are stationed at the Glassy Mtn Helibase, near Clayton. The contract is primarily for wildland firefighting, but when not being used for fire control the helicopter is available for other projects. Those projects must pay for the cost of the helicopter, which runs close to $1,000 per hour. An email or phone call to the FS would be helpful in showing your support of this project.

The helicopter cost of the Chattooga stocking is paid for by the Rabun Chapter of Trout Unlimited, the GA Council of Trout Unlimited, and the Atlanta Fly Fishing Club. The Rabun Chapter has set-aside the Tom Landreth Memorial Fund just for the helicopter stocking. You are invited to contribute to the Tom Landreth Fund, or support the GA Council and the Atlanta Fly Fishing Club.

As you can see, the helicopter stocking of the Chattooga River is a great example of a public/private partnership! I hope you can find a way to show your support and keep this project going.

The Snag Whisperer 11-03-17 11:24 AM

My car was ugly until I got my TU tag. Lipstick on a pig isn't really all that bad...

CUmonty 11-04-17 12:03 AM


Originally Posted by random_lengths (Post 886934)
Today's stocking is for the DH section only. There will be a helicopter stocking of the section between Burrells Ford and Reed Creek later this year. It is made up of smaller "put and grow" fish.

The stocking on Thursday was both DH and back country fingerlings. The back country loads are mostly fingerling brown trout with some larger rainbows and brook trout mixed in. This is the only Scdnr heli stocking for chattooga until next year. Gadnr will also be conducting helicopter stocking sometime soon 😉

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Pondjumpr 11-07-17 10:14 AM

It's interesting that the Georgia DNR site shows all streams that are stocked and how often they are stocked. the West Fork of the Chattooga River is listed. The Chattooga is not. :huh: Where do we find information about the partnership between the two states that you reference? Interesting.

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