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Drifter 12-05-12 10:20 AM

A Flyfisherman's Christmas
Well its that time of year again when we shop for that favorite fly fisherman (or woman) in our lives.....which typically means shopping for yourself. I've flyfished for forty-plus years and have pretty much acquired every related gadget, geegaw and other assorted sundry accessory related to the craft. With that said, I received my annual copy of the Orvis "Men's" Gift Catalog this past week and quickly surmised that maybe I am not as well outfitted as previously thought. I kicked back and perused the pages with a great bit of interest. My wife heard chuckling coming from the mancave and came to investigate. We shared a laugh as we thumbed through this intriguing catalog and read the "blurbs" that described each item.

So without further adieu....I offer the Top Ten Most Ridiculously Priced Items from the marketing minions at The Orvis Company:

Number 10:

Your very own jar of Balsamic Vinegar for a paltry $79 bones. This is not just any vinegar. This elixir comes from "the oldest vinegar loft in the Modena region of Italy." Perhaps the owners of the loft are little behind on their rent....hence the slightly elevated price.

Number 9:

A "Mother Shucker Oyster Knife" for $129 dollars. Now you can be the envy of all your oyster shucking buddies.

"Shucking oysters will transform from a chore into a conversation starter."

The conversation should really take off when all your slightly innebriated oyster shucking buddies find out you laid out 129 clams for this thing. Good luck with that.

Number 8:

To compliment your recently purchased balsamic chef should be without the Dafni Greek Unfiltered Olive Oil for a steal of a price of $89 dollars. "This Dafni unfiltered olive oil is from an Orvis-exclusive harvest of olives."

No thank you! Give me a can of Crisco and call it a day!

Number 7:

What fisherman could possibly be without the Leather and Canvas Wastebasket for $249 smackers. This beauty is "highlighted by dark strips of tanned leather and a large, distinctive hand-stitched seam—an ideal accessory for the office or simply your desk at home." I can only imagine what your boss might think when he sees your new $250 dollar garbage can gracing that special corner of your cubicle. Good luck asking for next year's cost-of-living raise.

Number 6:

What up-to-date mancave could be without the ubiquitous "Lab and Duck Cheese Board" for a meager $239 bucks. The catalogue states that your "dinner guests will surely note the unique elegance of this handsome solid oak cheese board."

First of all.....I would be b*#ch slapped if I served my guests some cheese on a board. My guests are looking for something a little more filling like pizza and beer. I dunno....maybe I'm hanging with the wrong "guests"??

Number 5:

What cutting edge flyfisherman could be without the Mulholland Latigo™ Leather Bracelet for $598 smackers. As the catalog states "Built upon the spirit of individualism, each leather bracelet will form uniquely to its wearer." So in the spirit of individualism, I would offer a hearty, "are you freakin' crazy!" (Note - edited for profanity).

Number 4:

Orvis Man Coasters

Now these might be the best deal in the catalog and I wouldn't mind having a set of man coasters....still....for $69 dollars....this borders on insanity. The catalog states "forget the old salt-on-napkin trick forever. Make a no-nonsense statement by placing your drink on one of these rough-and-tumble Man Coasters instead."

I'm gonna choose to make my no-nonsense statement by placing my drink (that would come packaged in a can) in my well-worn rough-and-tumble BassPro Shop coozie and ignoring this least this year anyway. Pass me the salt and a paper towel.

Number 3:

"A limited-edition timber call hand made by Emery Mitchell of Iverson Duck Calls. There will be only 50 of these handmade duck calls, each made made from aged lignum vitae hardwood salvaged from an old boat yard. No two will be alike. Vintage look and feel with exclusive design, resonance, and tone you won't find anywhere else. A true heirloom-quality call. "

The Robertson's would have a duck if they saw this!

Number 2:

When you open your January Visa credit card'll need a place to sit why not rest your buns in this super stylish Tiger Maple Rocking Chair. It can be yours for a rocking $5,500 dollars....and don't forget the $250 dollar shipping and handling fee. Best of comes with a guarantee:

"Every wood rocking chair is guaranteed to express a delicate balance of artistic flavor and function."

....and the Number 1 most ridiculously priced item from the marketing minions at The Orvis Company:

That would be the Holland & Holland Sidelock Money Clip for a nominal $698 dollars. Orvis says, "Keep your money secure in this handsome silver moneyclip while showing your appreciation for the finer things in life."....provided you have any cheese left after purchasing any of the above mentioned worthless pieces of crap. I suggest keeping your money secure by utilizing a paper clip or rubber band and forget this profanely priced piece of garbage.

Now I know I missed a few fact this could easily be a Top 50 List. There should deservedly be an honorable mention to the Croots Tweed Shell Bag Price ($279.00) or maybe the Cherry Salad Bowl and Server ($249.00)....or maybe the Custom TearDrop Camping Trailer (29,995.00).

So here's to a Merry (insert appropriate holiday here....i.e. Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hannakuh, Ramadan....or whatever) to all my beloved NGTO bretheren and hoping you all receive that one special gift that you have always wanted and needed.


BrandonT 12-05-12 10:36 AM

Thanks for the info, but I already own all of those items.

Trout8myfly 12-05-12 11:13 AM

And come Dec 26 they will all be offered at 50% discount - or more.

Windknot 12-05-12 11:32 AM

I was dazzled by the chair, but then thought about the misery of coming down with a severe case of motion-aggravated Curly Maple Overload. :bsick:

fishtacos 12-05-12 12:44 PM

How long did it take you to put together this post?

Ironically enough, Orvis gets the publicity and the last laugh.

P.S. Crisco kills.

TroutSniper 12-05-12 01:35 PM

Exact reason I boycott their products... High fullutent, money wastin yuppies... I also find it funny they sell all this elite gentleman's fly fishing gear and clothing with a tone that further promotes that fly fisher's are snobs yet some of there stuff is made in China. At least Filson still makes there's in the US and appears to be of quality that will last and might be worth the price. For all those that like Orvis more power to you but I'm not wastin my hard earned money on over priced Chinese made sub-par items. If your gonna spend that money there are much better brands out there.

Just my 2 cents

fishtacos 12-05-12 02:59 PM

Filson gear is 100% worth the price.

Orvis rods are great.

Drifter 12-05-12 03:01 PM


Originally Posted by fishtacos (Post 721756)
How long did it take you to put together this post?

Ironically enough, Orvis gets the publicity and the last laugh.

P.S. Crisco kills.

a) Time is not an issue with me.

b) I'm sure that due to this post....Orvis just had a run on Bay Rum.

c) With all the money I save by not buying this stuff.....I'll be able to afford a heart bypass....or two.

Happy Holidays to all.

Counslrman 12-05-12 03:33 PM

Splendid post !!


Buck Henry 12-05-12 04:04 PM

Remember that Orvis is a "life style" company, not a fly fishing company. If the blue bloods were not buying their $90 bottles of olive oil, $250 leather trash cans, and $800 money clips, then Orvis fly rods would not exist. I for one look forward to the day that I can afford to buy each and every item above (well, with the possible exception of the oyster shucker).

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