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I_got_skunked 01-05-17 06:37 AM

New year, new member
I'm just getting into fly fishing and fishing rivers in general. So far, I've only had luck swinging and stripping streamers. That's more similar to the type of fishing I'm used to. If I try anything else, I get skunked. :cry:

I've got a lot of experience trolling, be it offshore for pelagics, inshore for grouper, lakes for big bass, or internet for suckers.

Zeeee 01-05-17 08:06 AM

First off, welcome! You will find an abundance of information on here. I'm sure just about anyone on here would be more than willing for to help. Offer to buy someone a lunch in exchange for some tricks of the trade with nymphing will be hard to pass up for most folks :cheers: Anything else in general, just ask my friend.

Dtroutmann 01-05-17 09:38 AM

Happy New Year and welcome to NGTO. Agreed on the Nymphing I definitely catch more fish that way. Maybe sometimes a dry dropper as well. Have fun see you on the riva.

Big T 01-05-17 07:07 PM

Welcome to the forum it's a great place to figure out other techniques.

I_got_skunked 01-06-17 08:27 AM

I'll bring a cooler full of liquid lunch with me next time to exchange. Does anyone like Christmas beers? I'm not going to drink the ones I've got and don't want them to skunk in my fridge.

fishnpreacher 01-06-17 03:56 PM

Welcome to the obsession Skunked! We answer questions, share info, and tell the occasional lie. Jump on in!!

I_got_skunked 12-07-17 11:58 AM

Woowee, boy. A little less than a year ago I gave this whole fly fishing thing a try. I've had 40 fish days on the hooch while other folks got skunked, explored some of the most remote wilderness in GA catching wild and native trout by the buttload, caught cutthroat trout in alpine lakes in Montana. I'm basically the best there ever was at this and I've only been doing it a year. Oh, and I took 6 strokes off my golf game so I've got that going for me.

Stinkbait 12-10-17 10:24 AM

That's what I'd call a good year!

Windknot 12-11-17 03:48 PM

Yeah, a good year for sure! Except for that golf crap. That's a 5% reduction! :D

retiredmp 12-12-17 12:27 AM

Do you sleep/live in a Holiday Inn Express? Congratulations on a great first year.

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