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RScott 10-19-17 01:06 PM

Making NGTO Great Again!
Swampy beat me to the punchline before the joke was even told, but I have in fact made a personal decision to step down from president and the BOD of this fine organization. Definitely more ups than downs over the past two years and I have gotten to meet some great folks in the trout fishing ecosystem during this time. But things change, life changes and after much deliberation I decided it was time for a change - for both me and for NGTO.

I am happy to report that as of November 1st, the newly elected President of NGTO is Marcus Tullis / Swamp Angel. I am absolutely confident that once Marcus starts posting in plain English, most - if not all of you will agree that he is the man for the job. Leading an all volunteer organization is difficult, and just as every President did, he will need your support as well. Best of luck Swampy!

Sighter 10-19-17 03:50 PM

Congrats Swamp Angel! Great man for the job and couldn't think of a better choice. Also thank you RScott for the effort you put in!

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2fly 10-19-17 06:39 PM

Congrats Swampy, you'll do a great job! Thanks to Rscott for his contributions to this site and for getting me started flyfishing for trout on the Hooch.

Swamp Angel 10-19-17 06:52 PM


Originally Posted by DoubleRainbow (Post 886192)
Congrats Swamp Angel! Great man for the job and couldn't think of a better choice. Also thank you RScott for the effort you put in!k

Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I can think of a LOT of people more qualified than me. This is sort of like Les Miles having to follow up Nick Saban as head coach and having to fill the shoes of a national champion coach. Or maybe it's like Ed Orgeron being appointed head coach after Miles because there was no real search for a fully qualified individual.:rolleyes:

Okay, enough of the LSU references for now. (Trust me, there'll be plenty more later.) The truth is, Scott has been a very good and dependable leader and it will require a bit of real effort to continue in his footsteps.

As for his title of "Make NGTO Great Again!" I have no intentions of dying my hair orange and wearing a comb-over. GoutUnlimited would wind up making an avatar out of the two of us and incorporating Vladimir Putin into it. But NGTO has always been a great organization, and by holding to our roots and original ideals, we always will be. We hope to grow, but with our growth we should ever be mindful of the reason this site/group/organization came into existence. There is a reason for NGTO and why we do what we do.

Now, if you want some real news, ask Big T why he was late for the Board of Directors' meeting this past Sunday. Then ask him who he was guiding. That's the real news that the mainstream media has been hiding from everyone this past week. (I'm not kidding. Ask Big T who he was guiding this past Sunday. You'll find out that NGTO's sponsors host some of the most wonderful people you could ever hope to meet.)

And in response to RScott:
You have passed the torch. I will strive to keep the flame alive and as bright a beacon as you have in your tenure. I will miss your presence on the BOD as our leader but I will not be missing your advice since I will be seeking your input and input from our other former presidents and directors to maintain our course. We have a good, strong, and reliable BOD for the upcoming year thanks in large part to you and we have a direction for growth and increasing visibility.

Now, as fer postin' in plain English, y'all have done made it purt' near im-poss-uh-bull fer me to speak in mah native hill-billy tongue with a Cajun flavor fer some tahm. I promise that as soon as mah duties are fool-filled, I shall return d'reckly to Swampy speak. ;)

Gatorbyte 10-19-17 07:23 PM

Good to see Scoot passing the torch

fishnpreacher 10-19-17 07:43 PM

A car in every garage and a trout in every pool....

Thanks to RScott for his leadership over the past 2 years. One of these days our paths will cross, possibly at Island Ford and I will add fishing with RScott to my resume'.
Swampy, looks like you gonna have a couple of newbies in the BOD pool to deal with. I'll do my best not to be too ignorant.
Heres looking forward to the next year(s) serving together. Blessings, my Brother!

FishWillie 10-20-17 09:42 AM

Congrats Swampy....Guess our colors will be changing to purple and gold now....congrats buddy....will

Buck Henry 10-20-17 11:04 PM

Good choice guys, Swampy will make a great Prez! Marc, decide where you want this place to go and then make it happen! Best advice I can give you; don't make the same mistake I did, think big!

RScott: don't believe all that hype they told you about being an ex-president. The private bathroom, stream side secret service protection, free booze and hookers, all lies! They tell you about all the great perks, but in the end they make you park cars at the Fling! :)

Counslrman 10-21-17 06:08 AM

...Congrats Marc and Scott...I'll start a GoFund link so we can get images carved into Stone Mtn...

...I am confident in both your ablilities !...



GoutUnlimited 10-21-17 11:17 AM

Congrstulations swamp man!

Мы им покажем! ;) :cheers:

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