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bigorangefan 11-03-17 11:59 PM

Toccoa dh
I was lucky enough to fish the DH today, but the river was a bit high. Checking this evening on the flow and it ran 360 all day.

Those of you that know the river will attest to the difficulty of wading it at that level and the limiting of access. I had three spots I knew I could safely wade. I hit all three.

I noticed a boat with 2 guys. They rowed upstream from one of the stocking points. I was having no success so I dropped down river below them and fished. It was just downstream of them and they crowded me a little, but then slipped on past. I stayed there for a while and moved downstream again to another spot that I could wade.

Those guys were 50 yards at least upstream of me. All is well until they dropped anchor almost with casting distance of me. Ticked off but still catching fish, I let it slide. I took a picture of them for some reason

They picked up and dropped the anchor in my hole.

I let him have it. He argues that I am taking his spot. Its rolling 360 cfs, I have very little mobilty, he is in a boat and can go ANYWHERE. :bang:

If you float, you give the waders room.

The dh is fishing well though. Go get a line wet.

vreesor 11-05-17 08:57 AM

Acceptable distance from each other
This brings a question to mind and I would love to read differing opinions. Although, I hope I am not opening a "can of worms" here (no pun intended!). Personally, when I come up on anyone fishing in an area, I pretty much stay out of a complete run so they can fish it from its lower end to its upper, but of course sometimes it is not a distinguishable "run" and the "boundaries" are not that clear to me. From those of you who are more "veterans" than me, how close is too close? BigOrangeFan referenced 50 yds (150 ft), which sound reasonable to me, but what say you folks? I never want someone reacting to me as in the post this is a reply to.

Trout "R" 11-05-17 09:30 AM

Stream Etiquette
Here is a link form a post a couple of years back. This topic seems to come up every year I think. But it seems to be more so on the DH streams.

iso1600 11-05-17 11:33 AM

This is why I almost never fish DH or stocked water.

Da Da's Fishing 11-05-17 11:50 AM

I am a little more forgiving in heavily populated waters, but it doesn't look like there were a lot of people on the water. Had I been in the boat, I would have given you more room to fish.


RScott 11-05-17 12:01 PM

Still makes me mad, but DH water is almost always crowded and set expectations for good manners / etiquette really low, like University of Florida low (blown out by Mizzou)...

Da Da's Fishing 11-05-17 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by RScott (Post 887146)
set expectations for good manners / etiquette really low, like University of Florida low (blown out by Mizzou)...


and some stuff to keep the board happy.

richf7 11-05-17 01:00 PM

His spot? What a tool. If it happens again ask him for proof.

Jimmy Harris 11-05-17 05:42 PM

Nope, you were not in his place. Anyone in a boat should respect where the wading angler is fishing.

dink 11-05-17 08:41 PM

They are always 2 sides of the story. That's just not cool to take a guys picture
and set behind a key board and call someone a punk.

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