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gau16 11-09-17 06:12 PM

Time to go to Brown Town
Looking at my pictures from last year and funny enough it was this time last year that a buddy and I caught some great great browns on the hooch.

Today's weather was ideal. I loved seeing the trees change colors and all the leaves on the ground. Had to take a beauty shot of my stick. Sadly, I was a little late to the river and missed the morning bite, maybe.

Second cast in and missed a little fella. A few later, hooked a bigger brown and it jumped and spit my fly. Couple more casts to the same spot and got this first brown.

After that not a whole lot going on but kept chugging along for this second brown.

Wasn't a stellar day but felt like at any second I could get a quality fish. This weather is perfect in my opinion.

Finished with 5 in a few hours. Looking to get back out quickly during this time frame and weather...

splatek16 11-09-17 07:13 PM

@gau16 - great fish. I agree this time of year/season if fun to be fishing. A lot of folks I know ask me "Isn't it the wrong season to be fishing?" I don't think so, but I guess that's because I don't hunt... sadly.
I've been having some pretty good days on the river at various locations well above the DH - it takes a little to figure out what they're eating and where in the water column, but once that happens it's usually dialed in, at least for a few minutes.

Nice rod and reel too. Were you just fishing dries today? That's awesome. I had a few bows (holdovers) snatching my dries earlier this week. It was startling, but awesome.

See ya on the river!

gau16 11-09-17 08:07 PM

I don't hunt either so, more fish for me and you!

Personally, this is my favorite time of year to fish. Weather can be fantastic, the brown spawn, the Fall colors. All so good!

I went to the DH last week. I usually prefer the fishing above MF.

Today I thought I had them figured out but I had a long cold streak between fish. I probably could have changed flies more frequently..

Thanks! All nymphs today. I don't have much confidence in dries, another thing I should practice.

jkwolek1971 11-09-17 08:39 PM

There are 6 million people in the metro area and I was the only one on the river below the dam this afternoon. Can you say Peaceful?


gau16 11-09-17 08:58 PM

Thatís what Iím im talking about! Now that I think of it. My only company was the hungry Heron.

GoutUnlimited 11-10-17 06:06 PM

Sweet grip n glen.

splatek16 11-10-17 07:40 PM

Got a few today, all pretty small tho

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gau16 11-10-17 10:27 PM

Pretty looking fish!

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