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benvan 11-30-17 12:58 PM

2018 Gold Cup
Date- 1/27-1/28
Venue- Fern Valley on the Soque
Registration- December 5, 2017 at 6pm you must register and make a free account at in order to register for this event. $220.00 registration fee for a team of 2anglers.

Each 2man team will fish 2 sessions each day of the event. Fips scoring used for placings.

Prizes and awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.

Don't miss out on one of the best events on one of the best properties in the SouthEast!

benvan 12-01-17 04:02 PM

Going to be an excellent event
Already secured some great swag and prizes for this event. Thanks to Alpharetta Outfitters, RIO, TFO, Hazard Fly Fishing, Big T Fly Fishing, Montana Fly Company, Mountain Khakis, Crooked Creek Holler, and RisingFish. Great support from the FF community and more coming in daily.

Registration is in 4 days!

Sighter 12-01-17 06:25 PM

Looks like a great event, thanks for posting! I did have a quick question on the rules as stated on the FB page.

"NO pellet immitations, no beige, brown, cream, or faded orange egg flies, etc. ANY use of aforementioned flies will result in blank for your entire session"

So no egg flies? How about mops? Basically, what does the etc. entail? Thanks

benvan 12-02-17 08:53 AM

The rule has been clarified as no egg flies or pellet imitations at all. This is per venue request.
Mop flies are allowed.

benvan 12-05-17 02:58 PM

Registration tonite @6pm
Don't be like this guy and miss out on registering or the Gold Cup tonite at 6pm.

benvan 01-17-18 09:49 AM

January 26th from 3-5pm Team Dead Drift is hosting a Nymphing clinic being taught by NGTO's own Big T. Cost is $15.00 and includes on the water instruction.

Follow that up with the Down the Hatch Film Festival to kick off the Dead Drift Gold Cup 2018 at Rib Country Helen. Open to the public and cost is $10.00 for the film fest. The restaurant will be open, and there MIGHT just be a pig picking going on. Friday night is brought to us by Rib Country Helen and Sweetwater Brewery.

Then if you want come out to Fern Valley on the Soque and The Meadows to hang out and watch the Gold Cup competition on Saturday and Sunday!

Going to be one heck of a weekend! CHeck out the promo video here:

Email to reserve a limited spot for the nymphing clinic Friday or to rsvp for Friday night. Tickets for the film fest are only available at the door.

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